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    Hello People,

    I wonder if you can help. Im just putting together a site using the Enfold theme with a gallery of various cars.
    My boss doesnt like it? He feels that when you are in the middle of the gallery with the images and title text you have no idea of knowing whether the text is for the image above or below. I pointed out that there was a small arrow. His only response was that if he missed it then the customers would miss it.

    My question, is it possible to make this small arrow (Think its called aria-arrow) either BIGGER so that you can’t miss it or colour it to stand out, or both.

    If this is not possible is it possible to offset the rows in the gallery so that you can see that the text does indeed belong to the image above because of the gap below??

    I appreciate any help.



    Hi mecdesign;
    try theses lines to double the size of th arrow :

    .avia-arrow{height: 30px !important; width: 30px !important;}
    .av-masonry-entry .avia-arrow{top: -15px !important;}

    You can change the space between the elements of the masonry, I think its “gap”
    or you can add an “id” to your masonry element

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    Ok I tried the code that you sent and it does make it bigger, but now I find that the shape is not actually a triangle but a diamond (or square on its side…however you want to look at it) because now Ive made it larger it overlaps on the actual text below.

    Is there a way of changing the image that it shows? is it a font image like the icons?

    and how would I go about adding more “Gap”? The Masonery it is possible to add a gap but its not much at all??

    How do I add an ID to the masonary element?


    Here an image which shows gap an “id” in Masonry.



    thanks I can see the gap but its just not big enough. As for the Section ID, how does that work exactly? I have tried to search for that but without any luck. At first I thought that it would be just like the div css with the hashtags and then some styling in the quick css part?

    If you can show me where I could work that to get some space between the rows it would be great.


    .av-large-gap.av-fixed-size .av-masonry-entry .av-inner-masonry{position: absolute; top:0px; left:0px; right: 10px; bottom:30px; }
    .av-large-gap.av-flex-size .av-masonry-entry .av-inner-masonry{ position: relative; margin-right:10px; margin-bottom:30px; }

    I added this amendment to the quick css for the large gap css. Seems to have worked that I have more space between the galleries when I select large gap now.

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