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    We’ve uploaded a new website and using Enfold Child theme, the website loads quite slow and navigation between pages is very slow (avg of 7 seconds to load a page). We have used the same server setup with another WP theme and it was not that slow so I am trying to understand why this is happening.

    Website link: , We are using cloudflare CDN too.

    I understand this is a very broad question but maybe you can help me point to me to the correct direction like a recommended caching plugin? Some other optimizations? Tools to see where the bottleneck is?

    We’ve searched the forums for similar issues but did not manage to isolate the problem, I can provide any info if needed.

    Thank you,


    Hey Ilya,

    You can see a full run-down of what is being loaded and for how long on the test in private. Just having a quick looks it seems like the server has very long waiting times, that is something you would have to bring up with your hosting provider though.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,

    Thank you for the response and pointing me – I will contact our hosting provider.


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    Hi Ilya,

    Great, best of luck to you. I’ll leave this thread open in case you should need any further help from us.

    Best regards,

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