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    Hi guys,

    I helped out a friend with a site, but now it’s loading pretty slow and I’m unable to find the bottleneck.
    I’ve tried to minify css and js with the Better WordPress Minify plugin, but it f*cks up the site.
    If I turn on Minify JS files automatically and Minify CSS files automatically, the site layout is destroyed.

    How to improve the loading speed?

    Thanks a lot



    Hi jeffreyvanoostrom!

    I’m not experiencing any noticeable slow loading on my end.

    You can try clearing your cache and deactivating all of your plugins to see if a particular plugin is causing the issue on your end.

    Alternatively you can use a caching plugin.



    Hi Dake,

    I cleared my cache, visited and tested the site again.
    Load time from Amsterdam is 11.5 sec….. that’s not very fast :-)

    What would you recomment to improve the loading speed?




    I’m now experiencing the slow load time.

    Have you tried using a caching plugin or tested disabling your other plugins as suggested in my previous post?



    Hi Dake,

    I did disable all plugins….. slightly faster, but still it took about 6 seconts to load. If I enable compression I can save 0.5Mb….
    but I haven’t been able to do so.
    Also with a cache plugin the loading time was not reduced.


    Hi Jeff, what host are you on? Some hosts have bad connections to for instance the mysql server.

    I had a host with a 15 second TTFB (Time To First Byte) After some talking to them they found a problem with the db server and switched it off, then linked all clients to new one and everything was as fast as lightning.




    As @borkent mentioned, have you contacted your friend’s host since the website started loading slowly?

    Best regards,


    The hosting told me the website contains too many css and js files.

    They advised to change add this:
    // Enable the WordPress Object Cache:
    define(ENABLE_CACHE, true);
    to the “wp-config.php” file.

    They also suggest to delete “http://irwincycling.com/phpinfo.php” file

    I can’t see what the object cache has to do with the css/js files.
    Is it good to delete the phpinfo.php?



    well… it seems yours server is in taiwan and you are in holland….

    TTFB 5~10 seconds! (should be like 0.5 seconds)
    Time spent waiting for the initial response, also known as the Time To First Byte. This time captures the latency of a round trip to the server in addition to the time spent waiting for the server to deliver the response.
    -It has 2 factors: tript to server & server response

    Anyhow, nothing to do with enfold :)

    If you want to fix this situation I can advise you where to host in the netherlands.
    Let me know, dont want to advertise here.

    I can also advise you to use duplicator, create zip + installer, move to new host, install.
    15 minutes you got site up and running at new host.

    Kind regards,



    Thank you for your input Thomas :)



    Thanks Thomas,

    You are right, it’s a server/hosting issue, not an Enfold or plugin issue. But this company is based in Taiwan and wanted to arrange hosting themselves. So I advised them to talk to the hosting to see if there are improvemnets possible.




    I am going to go ahead and mark this thread as resolved. Let us know if you have any other questions or issues :)


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