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    I have tried over and over again, but the upgrading to the last enfold version simply makes the images in the home slide to vanish; any idea why is that?



    Can you post the link to your website please?



    I’m working off-line at the moment; Tomorrow I will start all over again, this time on-line and see if the problem comes again… Thanks.



    If you are using LayerSlider, please remove and re-upload images and check if that helps. If not, we will be waiting for you to post the link to your website :)



    Hi Yigit

    I have deleted the images from the media-library and reloaded, but still – nothing – white space; This happens only after updating your last release, if I’m going back to previous release then it is ok.
    My site is still off-line so I can share any link for it…. is there another way to control it or shell we wait to the on-line version?



    p.s. I’m not using LayerSlider but the Fullscreen Slider; And furthermore – the Bar stops working (only the label and the background are seen) for the same reason.

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    Please post the link to your website so we can inspect elements

    Best regards,


    Hey again
    I have uploaded the landing page:
    please note the text block on the left just under the image, why the text does not fit the text box?



    Please try deactivating all active plugins and check if issue remains



    p.s. the text block sits in 50% column and it should get the width as the bar element does.


    Hey Yigit, I didn’t active any plug-in; is there auto plug-ins which I should deactivate?


    Hey Yigit, just want to know if the issue is being checked (I need to send the page to my client’s review…). Thanks



    Can you try updating your theme to your 2.4.2 via FTP? Maybe something went wrong while updating your theme because as far as i know, none of the other users had such issue
    For a quick guide on updating your theme take a look at this video on updating the Enfold theme via FTP:

    Best regards,


    Yigit, I have fit the text manually (for my client’s preview) but the problem is still there…



    Your theme does not seem to be updated. It is still version 2.3.2. Please let us know after the update



    I will try to do so, but just to let you know that I had the same problem when running the page off-line, with all updates.


    Hi Yigit
    only one question regarding the upload: I have created a new page and menu and loaded some images; Could I copy and paste the new enfold folder with out worries that my work will vanish?



    I would suggest you to update via FTP. You will not lose any pages or content as they are saved in your database. Settings will remain the same as theme names are the same



    a question: it should be updated to html public folder or www folder ?


    I have updated the theme (to www folder); the text problem is still there and further more – the image and the active bar are gone!
    I had the same problem after updating when working off-line (see the posts above), but now I did it (the on-line version) from scratch and still – same results…


    The upgrade “breaks” the page. Please help understand what’s wrong here, I must go forward with this project.

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    Ok, at least I have resolved one problem: the broken page was due to the menu; It should have attached values to it (which does not sit good with my landing page concept…). Is there a way to avoid the menu from this page?

    The text problem is still ON


    Ok, I have found the problem for the text issue: I have copied the text from google drive document and it probably had some hidden paragraph characters in side. sorry for the wast of posts… :(

    Well, last small issue: is there a way to avoid the header menu (the ‘under-construction’ tab in the current site)?



    Yes, you can use the “blank template” which hides the menu and footer areas. Or you can hide the menu with the “conditional menu” option. It helps you to show/hide certain menu items on certain pages. See:

    Best regards,


    Hi Peter, thanks for replying
    I did so but each sub-options of the ‘Hide’ option simply breaks the page.
    Is there some specific values that I need to select )and I tried them all I think) to make it work?



    The site looks great. Did you fix this?



    Hi Ismael

    I fixed it some how (strange stuff :)

    However, as I have just posted, the site does not look good when running in IE8….

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