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    Hi, I have set the slider thumbnails to always show, but they still don’t show up. Is there any reason this could be happening? My client really needs the thumbnails at the bottom. Thanks.


    I don’t understand why the theme mentions premium support and i’ve asked 3 different questions in the last couple days without 1 answers. This is ridiculous


    I talked with the creator of layers slider and they said that enfold might have a skin thats being over written so the thumbnails are not showing and I need to contact you to see how I can fix this.



    I am responding to you now on midnight Friday EST. If you know any support forum where the staff are such geeks as to work Friday nights, we will get even more geekier. :)




    Hi. I actually had the same question. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure this out. Is there any suggestions on how we can re-enable the thumbnail setting? Thanks!



    These are my settings,

    and I have no problems seeing thumbnails




    I am having the same issue of the thumbnails not showing. I’ve duplicated the settings you have and also uploaded images on the slide page where it says Thumbnail, but still no thumbnail navigation. Any thoughts? Thanks.



    Please provide a url to the page so I can take a look at the code and see if you have errors coming from somewhere else. Please try deactivating your plugins as well.




    Temporarily it’s at

    Thanks for looking at it!


    FYI, I didn’t have any plug ins installed when having the issue and right now only have one plug in which when deactivated I still have the issue of the thumbnails not showing up.


    Any thoughts?



    Sorry for the delay. Trying to recreate what I made before. Please hang on a bit longer, I will look if update changed something and ask Kriesi for guidance if unable to find any changes.

    So far these are the only thumbnails I was able to display




    I appreciate it!



    The thumbnails functionality was not removed on purpose , and this is likely an unexpected side effect of either theme CSS update or something else but Kriesi is working on this now.




    Great – thanks. Please update when it has been reactivated.




    Yep that was an oversight. The setting show on hover should work fine, the “alway show” setting will be fixed with the update tomorrow ;)

    Best regards,


Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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