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    Hi we first tried doing an animated slider in the build in Layerslider WP in the enfold theme and while it looks great on desktop, we’re having trouble on mobile. The text shrinks down, but overlaps each other and the image and icon shortcode we put in doesn’t scale down.

    So next we tried revolution slider, and had problems getting it to even be full screen. We saw someone with a similar problem in the forum and saw a response with putting it in a color section and putting in some CSS into the quick css and then it still didn’t work without a lot of tweaking. We were eventually able to get it to work using a custom layout and manually entering in the widths to scale down to. It seemed to work on android, but on iOS when you tilt the phone to landscape mode it crashes multiple browsers.

    The more basic sliders built into the theme seem to work perfectly, but they lack the functionality we need for animation.

    Any thoughts?


    Hey addwebtoday!

    I’m not sure but did you try to contact the Revolution Slider plugin author? If it crashes on iOS it might be a slider script bug. Another solution would be to hide the slider on IOs devices. You can use the avia-iphone and avia-ipad class to hide the slider on IOs devices.




    At a theme client, I’m disappointed in regards to the full width functionality on this theme and the lack of any core recommendations as the slider is seemingly more functional on other themes I’ve used.

    The theme comes with a slider and I was actually recommended by a moderator of Enfold to use Revolution Slider. I understand it is not your plugin, but I invested in this theme and it seems that a core function is not really supported. Is there any recommendations you can provider with either slider as far as best practices to make it look good on all mobile devices? I’m stuck on asking you guys this because I got the Enfold theme and it contained the integration of the 3rd party plugin, and not the other way around.

    I just want a pretty slider so I can show off Enfold to all my dev friends. Much thanks!

    Please let me know if you have any questions

    Thank you,



    The LayerSlider integration is set up so that it can be added in and always be a fullwidth element. It isn’t ideal for dropping into other elements but it allows for the current iteration of popular layouts and fits the majority of users needs.

    The responsiveness of it is a bit tough to get down. The individual elements need to be set up in a way that allows for the layout to shift considerably on lots of devices and still look good. The design, like all designs at this point in web dev, needs to have more flexibility than in previous years. This is the best advice I think we can give in that regard within the theme and outside of it.

    Within a LayerSlider slide if you are using other shortcodes you would then also need to wrap those shortcodes in a grid since the theme doesn’t add in its grid system inside a layer. Without it there is nothing for the shortcodes inside to be force to adapt with.

    We recommend lots of plugins for lots of different uses. It doesn’t mean our support extends to them. That is the job of the individual plugin developer.



    I’m going to build a few layer sliders and return to this thread with examples of what I need help with. Layer slider caused a lot of issues which is why I guess I was referred to Rev slider, which works perfectly on other themes, but lags on Enfold big time, most likely due to native Enfold code vs Rev slider plugin code.

    I have also used layer slider full screen without issue before, so the grid itself may be the issue since you said it doesn’t incorporate some forms of media.


    This would be the first report we’ve gotten of Revolution Slider having issues or conflicts with the theme. With LayerSlider, the css grid I’m referring to does not touch or interact with the internal contents of the slides. The only thing that it interacts with is the placement of the individual slideshow in the pages layout.


    I believe this has to be a revolution slider related issue then. Thank you for looking into this! Feel free to close this ticket.

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