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    I posted earlier and you didn’t really address the problem. I put up a working slider so that my site wouldn’t look bad. That’s the one you saw.

    My original post was:

    I modified your advanced 2D slider and it worked great in preview mode, but when I inserted it into the page, it distorts when played. So I tested by inserting your “slider with 2D transitions” template and it distorts as well. Works fine in preview, but everything is HUGE in browser. it would be great if I could get it to work. HELP please :) What am I doing wrong?



    Can you give us a link to your website? And the link to the earlier thread.




    Here is the link to the distorting slider 2D

    I’m not sure how to access the earlier thread but it has been closed.



    I looked at your slider. You got some nice stuff going on, but I think its a bit too fast. If you shrink the screen down to a size of a tablet in portrait view and the slider will shrink accordingly, you will see that everything starts to fall into place though there are a few pauses and some choppiness especially when you make an image quickly zoom up into the screen. Also, everything in your slider is H3 , is that how you wanted it? h3 with the same class for all objects. Can you try to make everything just a bit smoother if possible since i think at those screen sizes no every graphics card can handle this.




    Nick, I didn’t change anything in your template, just the text. You will see that if you run your own 2d slider template in a browser, it does the same thing, and in the 2nd slide, you will notice that the type goes small and pops to normal size at the end o the slide. I don’t believe this is a timing issue, or a header size issue. It looks fine in preview. It just doesn’t work in in browser. Tell me what I need to change.


    I am changing my slider today because it looks so bad. Please tell me how the 2D slider can be repaired. thank you.


    I figured it out myself thank you…



    Glad you figured it out. Please share the solutions you made here, it might help other users with the same issue.





    It was the speed of the slider, I am willing to bet on it.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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