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    Dear All,

    I’ve recently purchased the Enfold theme (from, but a “clean” installation will result in a TTFB (Time to first byte) of more than 11 seconds (making it useless for me). My hosting partner is basically blaming the theme, but I was wondering if I can actually test (step by step), what is causing the problem?




    there are many factors that can influence the TTBF values. Go and test your page on :
    you can see on waterfall tab more info on how the influence is for TTBF:
    Hover that first line on Waterfall where / is – a tooltip with more info opens.



    The theme is not serving what is on your server, it’s the other way around. We can’t do anything about slow server response times unfortunately.

    Your test states this:

    Root document took 10.7s

    That is the time it takes for the server to even begin to transfer data.

    Best regards,


    Dear Rikard and Guenni007,

    I would like to thank you both. Small follow up question though: Is there a way to check if it’s (a) the MySQL database or (b) the Apache Web Server?

    Best regards,



    is there a link i can inspect? If you can not make it pubplic than insert the info in the Private Content Area.



    Thanks for the update. Did you check under Tools->Site Health in the WordPress menu?

    Best regards,


    Dear Guenni,

    I just deployed a completely fresh installation and gave you access to the test server and database (see private content for pw/login).




    With a fresh installation, “Site health” show the following:

    2 critical issues
    Critical issues are items that may have a high impact on your sites performance or security, and resolving these issues should be prioritized.

    The REST API encountered an error Performance
    Your site could not complete a loopback request Performance

    7 recommended improvements
    Recommended items are considered beneficial to your site, although not as important to prioritize as a critical issue, they may include improvements to things such as; Performance, user experience, and more.

    You should remove inactive plugins Security
    You should remove inactive themes Security
    A scheduled event has failed Performance
    You should use a persistent object cache Performance
    Your website does not use HTTPS Security
    The authorization header is missing Security
    Unable to detect the presence of page cache Performance

    14 items with no issues detected
    Your version of WordPress (6.1.1) is up to date Performance
    Your site is running the current version of PHP (8.2.3) Performance
    Required and recommended modules are installed Performance
    PHP default timezone is valid Performance
    No PHP sessions detected Performance
    SQL server is up to date Performance
    UTF8MB4 is supported Performance
    Your site can communicate securely with other services Security
    HTTP requests seem to be working as expected Performance
    Your site is not set to output debug information Security
    Files can be uploaded Performance
    Plugin and theme auto-updates appear to be configured correctly Security
    Can communicate with Security
    Background updates are working Security



    Thank you for the info.

    The REST API encountered an error Performance
    Your site could not complete a loopback request Performance

    According to the site health tool, the errors are cause by connection timeouts causing the http requests to be terminated prematurely. This is the root error.

    Error: cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 10001 milliseconds (http_request_failed)

    You may need to set the cURL timeout globally in the php.ini file by using the curl.default_timeout and default_socket_timeout configuration options. Please follow the steps below.

    1.) Open your php.ini file (located in your PHP installation directory).
    2.) Search for the curl.default_timeout and default_socket_timeout configuration options.
    3.) Set their values to the desired timeout value (in seconds). For example:

    curl.default_timeout = 60
    default_socket_timeout = 60

    In the example above, both options are set to 60 seconds, which means that the cURL requests will time out after 60 seconds if they have not completed. You can adjust these values as needed to suit your particular use case.

    Note that changing these values in the php.ini file will affect all cURL requests made by your PHP scripts, so be careful not to set them too high if you have scripts that make many cURL requests.

    You can also add the following filter in the functions.php to temporarily work around the issues.

    add_filter( 'site_status_tests', 'avf_async_loopback_requests_test', 10, 1 );
    function avf_async_loopback_requests_test( $test_type ) {
    	$test_type['async']['loopback_requests']['test'] = 'loopback_requests';
    	$test_type['async']['loopback_requests']['has_rest'] = false;
    	return $test_type;

    Best regards,


    Thanks Ismael (and everyone else)
    I appreciate all the help, it’s much more then I expected (and got from a competing theme).
    Will have a look at it tomorrow after work.



    No problem. Please update us if you find anything. We will keep the thread open.

    Best regards,


    Seems I don’t have a php.ini file?

    1. Searched my webserver with Filezilla (secret files enabled) – No results
    2. Searched my old backups of previous webserver content – No results
    3. Created phpinfo.php file (<?php phpinfo();?>) and uploaded it – No results

    So I imagine I’ll create a ticket for my hosting provider stating to problem and see what will happen?
    I’ll keep everyone posted along the way


    The question I asked:
    I have now purchased several themes and even with all the extra functionallities disabled, the site speed is still fairly slow. According to ‘Enfold-support’, my server is not serving the theme and the issue could be resolved via PHP.ini file ( Can you indicate where I can find this file?

    The answer I received for my hosting provider:
    ” The code of your website is too heavy. You have to simplify the forwarded code because it is too heavy for the visitor the first time they visit the website. Keep the server response time for the main document short because all other requests depend on it. Learn how to improve this Consider using a plugin like WP Rocket to significantly reduce server response time » I see that the hosting is also on php 7.4, maybe the code can be changed to 8.2 since 7.4 will soon be unavailable.

    So here’s what I’m going to do:
    As I have tried multiple PHP version, multiple themes along the way and because of the poor support I’m getting, I’m going to look for a new hosting provider.
    Tips are welcome (for an example: focus on more than 100MB MySQL hosting)

    Best regards,

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    A lot of sites made with Enfold score quite well on the page speed testing tool as long as the site is properly optimized and is hosted on a decent server. The speed of the site largely depends on the performance optimizations and the specifications of the server.

    Is the site hosted on a shared server? If it is on a shared server, then you won’t be able to access your own PHP configuration file or upgrade the site dependencies. You may need to upgrade to a dedicated server or move to a managed hosting platform such as Flywheel or Kinsta.

    Best regards,


    Maybe off topic – but you mentioned above the RestApi
    which in my opinion is a security risk anyway.
    With it you can e.g. read all usernames. Which is half of a bruteforce attack.
    Insert to your Browser :


    and replace “your-domain-url” for your domain

    so many people disable this RestApi completely – or like me only for logged out users and only the security relevant things
    this goes into the child theme functions.php

     * REST-API Filter entfernt wichtige Informationen fuer den Zugriff von Aussen
     * @link REST-API Referenz
    add_filter('rest_endpoints', function ($endpoints) {  
    	if ( ! is_user_logged_in() ) {
    		$endpoints_to_remove = array(
    		'users',	/* removes the users from the data */
    		'settings',	/* removes the website settings from the data */
    		'posts',	/* removes the post content from the data */
    		'pages',	/* removes the page content from the data */  
    		foreach ($endpoints_to_remove as $endpoint) {
    			$base_endpoint = "/wp/v2/{$endpoint}";
    			foreach ($endpoints as $maybe_endpoint => $object) {
    				if (strpos($maybe_endpoint, $base_endpoint) !== false) {
    		return $endpoints;

    Dear All,

    I just wanted to let everyone know, that I moved to a managed hosting platform and everything seems to be working.
    Thanks for the tip and I appreciate all the help I received.

    Best regards,


    Glad to hear that you have this sorted out, if you have any further questions please create a new thread and we will gladly try to help you. Thank you for using Enfold.

    Best regards,

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