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    I’m having some major issues with updating the website. Our whole website is down at the moment, and needs to be looked at please.

    As you can see from the screenshot, it looks like this plug-in is the blame, however, if I remove the plug-in or change the name of the plug-in via FTP, it will just display another plug-in error upon refresh of any of the web pages.

    What’s interesting is I uploaded a new install of the Enfold theme (after renaming the old one with issues) then I changed back the names, and they both work fine, but for how long?

    Is their private area where I can give you the login credentials to take a look?



    Hey j1980mac!

    You can post it here privately by checking ” Set as private reply (Only you and moderators will see the content of this post)” above Submit button.
    I just took a look at your website and everything seems fine with the latest version. Have you figured it out already?


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    Glad it is working fine now! You have many plugins installed. There may be a conflict. I am marking this thread as resolved. Let us know if you have any other questions or issues


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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