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    Would you know of issues with Yoast SEO and the Enfold Theme?

    I believe the site appeared in Google listings until I added SEO Yoast.

    I am not sure why the site disappeared from Google listings. I do not see that it has rewritten my page pretty permalinks or changed their addresses. I resubmitted the site 2 days ago to google and I am waiting on search results. I do see it appear in Yahoo and Bing.

    What do you recommend for SEO plugins? To use with Enfold.

    Is it possible to edit the Site Title and the Meta Description from Enfold?

    What steps do I take to switch from SEO Yoast to another plugin and prevent any other issues.

    Thanks for your help.


    Hi dcarlsondesign!

    I use the WordPress SEO personally. I can not think of another plugin to recommend.

    SEO can be tricky and complex. I would consider navigating to Dashboard > SEO > Dashboard and then reset the plugin to the default settings and do their tour of the plugin to make sure your doing everything correctly.



    You appear fine in the SERP:

    Try and use the plugins analyse feature which is visible on each page, and optimize your titles and meta descriptions.

    SEO is not a on/off switch and is rather complex. You can try and reach out on SEO communities, and see what is recommended best practices.

    Have a nice day!


    Thanks Elliot and thanks rhansen90.

    I did go through and update my Yoast SEO descriptions a few days ago. Perhaps it takes a week or so for the Google search engine to go through and find the web page titles and home page to appear in Google listings. We’ll see.

    Elliot–A question on the enfold settings — if Automated HTML Markup — is activated — will this conflict with Yoast SEO?



    What that does is add classes and meta data to your posts so they display more relevant information in the SERPS. You can test it with this tool,

    There shouldn’t be any conflicts with the WordPress SEO plugin. There is a current error with the breadcrumbs, the last breadcrumb entry has a v:Breadcrumb tag but does not include a title which should be updated here in the next update. You could do this,, if you want a quick fix.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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