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    Hi, I have the post navigation order set to loop. For some reason it does not loop, when I click on the next project (right arrow) it goes to that same project. (link in private area).

    Also, on the portfolio page you can see the order of the posts. But when you click on a post, it shows the previous project as the next project. (links in private area)


    Hey bobfurgo,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    There should be no next post because NYC is the latest post and the very last item in the list. It will not loop back to the oldest post.

    Did you modify the post navigation? We were not able to check because the Appearance > Editor panel is not accessible.

    Best regards,


    Hi! Hm ok I thought I had checked to loop it. But regardless the arrows are pointed in the wrong direction. The previous arrow shows the next project, and next arrow shows the previous project. I installed the plugin “post types order” to allow for easier rearrangements so that could be the issue.

    The site is on a multisite install, so that could be why you can’t see the editor panel. But the login I gave you has full super admin privileges so you should be able to access anything.



    Thank you for the info.

    The plugin will not affect the order the post nav because it is using the get_adjacent_posts function
    . It will not follow the sorting in the grid layout either, unless the posts are sorted by date.

    If you need to reverse the previous and next arrows, adding this code in the functions.php file should work.

    add_filter("avf_post_nav_loop_args", function($args, $settings) {
        $args["orderby"] = array( 'post_date' => "ASC", 'ID' => "ASC");
        return $args;
    }, 10, 2);

    Best regards,

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