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    Hi There

    Totally gorgeous theme by the way

    I am having some trouble locating the Single Portfolio pages, I am presuming this has the functionality of the blog?

    I have set up a new portfolio item using the template Single Portfolio: 2/3 Slider

    on the menu appearance tab I can see the portfolio pages and the example single items but mine does not show on the list of available pages so I can’t add it to the menu

    I have explored and seem to think it’s something to do with the shortcode functionality?

    Could you point me in the right direction please

    Thanks in advance

    Warm regards




    Go to Appearance > Menu > Page, click the “View All” tab. You can also start from scratch. Create the Portfolio page again and make sure you remember the page name.




    Hi Ismael

    Sorry, I have not explained my question properly.

    I have already gone to this tab, and viewed all. On the menu structure I can see Portfolio, then submenu under that is Portfolio 2 Column [Page], Portfolio 3 Column [Page], Portfolio 4 Column [Page], THEN Single Portfolio 2/3 Slider [Portfolio Entry], Single Portfolio Big Slider [Portfolio Entry] and Single Portfolio Fullscreen Slider [Portfolio Entry]

    I can find the Portfolio, Portfolio 2 Column, Portfolio 3 Column, Portfolio 4 Column pages AND I can see the labels on view all to take over to the menu if I need them

    I can find the Single Portfolio 2/3 Slider, Single Portfolio Big Slider and Single Portfolio Fullscreen Slider on the “Portfolio Items” tab but when I make a new page on these Portfolio items it does not appear in the appearance / menus / all pages in order to add to a menu structure and appear on my site

    I’d also like to know how to make the dropdown menu appear in a neat box as you’ve done with the blog and portfolio dropdowns, mine appear as great big boxes across the top

    Thanks in advance

    Warm regards




    You probably need to select this post type from the “Screen Options” tab on the Appearance > Menus option page:




    That works perfectly thanks


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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