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    I have an empty color section on my home page. I need to remove it. When I do and preview the page, the styling is all messed up. (Icons change color; objects have no padding; etc.)

    When I create a copy of the page and remove the color section, it’s fine. it looks the way i’d expect.

    I’ve cleared caches, tried this in different browsers, logged out and back into wordpress, etc. Problem is persistent.

    I can’t save the page with the messed-up look, because it’s my home page. But I can give you log-in info and instructions for what I’m doing, so you can see the problem.



    I’m not sure what exactly is causing this issue but a workaround would be to trash that page (clear permalink) and use one of the copies as the new homepage.



    OK that worked. Just as a note to anyone reading this who wants to change their home page there’s two places you need to make the change:
    – Dashboard | Customize Your Site | Static Front Page
    – Enfold | Frontpage Settings


    I forgot about those settings, glad it’s fixed now :)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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