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    i use a Event Manager Plugin.
    On the main page of events, I disabled the sidebar and everything is OK. On the page of a single event, I set a sidebar ad hoc and everything is ok. If I try, however, to enable the sidebar, both in the main page which, for example, in the category page, I have a display problem. The sidebar is printed below the content of the page and not on the right as on the other pages.

    And ‘as if the code of the pages on your software, sovrascrivessero the default structure of tamplate.

    If you want to see, for example,

    The normal structure of my template are:

    div container
    ->div xxxunits
    ->div sidebar

    The structure on your page are:

    div container
    ->div xxxunits
    div sidebar

    I asked for assistance in support of the plugin and this is what they said: “It sounds like your theme has the width of the different sections wrong for some reason. This may be a compatibility problem with custom post types (which EM uses).

    In any case, you’ll need to seek the assistance of the original theme developer here really.



    ??? Please any suggestion

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    Hello, i try to load a default wordpress theme and this fix the problem.

    In the pages that use, there are elements of AVIA Advanced Layout builder. Do not use the standard editor of wordpress. So the page, we have a Color section and a TEXT section, where it is printed the output of the plugin. If I use AVIA, the sidebar is moved under the container, and, if I use the standard editor of the page, the output is correct.


    SO, i found the problem: COLOR SECTION break sidebar, but only on this plugin. I try also a non boxed layout, and the problem persist …. :(



    In that case you can choose not to display sidebar on that certain page and insert Widget Area element under Content elements as a workaround in my opinion. You can insert any widgets you would like to display in your sidebar in Widget Area and it works well with Color Section element

    Best regards,


    you know this option, but, excuse me, is not the solution to the problem. Also, inserting the sidebar widget, I lose some css styles typical of a normal page, I do not like. I would, however, solve the problem, because, to me, when I buy a professional template, there should never be any problems with plugins.
    I hope I can sort it out — thanks.



    There are tens of thousands of WordPress plugins and it would be impossible to make the theme compatible with all of them. You can find bunch of plugins that are recommended in here (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -09-2013/
    I am not familiar with the plugin. Can you post a screenshot and show it should look?



    Hello Yigit,
    I understand that you can not create a software compatible with everything. However, this problem seems very basic and applicable to many other plugins. So it would be nice to fix it. Thank you.

    You can see what happens directly from the following link:



    You have color section element in your page which does work only without sidebar. Please try removing it first. If you would like to use it and at the same time display sidebar widgets, only solution is using widget area element.

    Best regards,


    Sorry, but it is not. Using COLOR SECTION in every other page of the site, and on each page there is a sidebar. So COLOR section, it works with all your sidebar settings.

    Also, by using the sidebar widget, I would not have the same result, such as styles, css, and graphics.



    I think the issue you are running into here is that Color Sections are only able to be used with the Advanced Layout Editor *and* they will always be full width items on the page. They can no be included with a sidebar next to them.

    So if you are using the Advanced Layout Editor with another custom post type, it isn’t support first. Second, the sidebar will always show up under any color section unless you force it by using either debug mode or some other means which is again not supported.



    Hello Devin,
    I’m sorry but maybe I have not explained well.

    In all the pages of the website, I use Advanced Layout Editor. On each page there are two COLOR SECTION and the sidebar are always right, under any COLOR SECTION not “next to them”

    This is perfect.

    Everything works fine and everything is as I want, two and COLOR SECTION below, the content on the left and a sidebar on the right.

    On the page of the error, use the same structure: Two COLOR SECTION and one TEXT BLOCK. Within the TEXT BLOCK, there is only the text CONTENT.


    The Events plugin, like WooCommerce typically has its own output for pages. Its not ideal but for the events container you will probably not be able to use the advanced layout editor.

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