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    hi guys,

    im just trying to get a sidebar widget on the new enfold theme (just swapped over from replete) and the main home page loads

    with the sidebar only on the lower half and not at the top starting next to the products section?

    what am i doing wrong that can be corrected

    my site is http://www.vacshop.com.au/



    p.s i like the greater drop & drag flexabilty of enfold over the replete theme just have to work out the kinks….


    Yes, the reason is that Enfold will always add the sidebar to the last element after a fullwidth element. In your case the layout is built with a “sidebar element”, a “fullwidth color section” element and Enfold adds the sidebar to the content element after the color section. If you want to avoid this layout you’ve two options.

    1) Use the product element after the color section.

    2) Use a fullwidth layout without sidebar and use the column elements (eg 3/4 1/4) to display the products element side by side with some “widget area” elements. The layout would look like:


    1/4 (widet areas) / 3/4 product grid

    color section


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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