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    The right sidebar displays perfectly in ‘normal’ browsers but images placed in there (225px wide) are cut off slightly on the right on a (full size) iPad in landscape mode and quite a lot if you rotate to portrait mode. The sidebar displays underneath the main content on a smartphone and that is OK.
    I have tried all sorts of ‘fixes’ in these forums but none actually sort out this issue properly.
    Can you tell me how to make the sidebar display images correctly on iPad please and screens of a similar size?


    Hey cbentley65!

    I recommend giving your sidebar more space in Dashboard > Enfold > General Layout > Dimensions. You can use this CSS.

    aside { overflow: visible !important; }

    But your images are too wide on small screens so it will push the sidebar below your main content.



    Thanks Elliott

    I don’t have the dimensions option – perhaps the theme would require an update for that? And I did try the css but that made no difference. Was it to be used exactly like that or was there some other part of the css that would be needed?

    I really like the scaling that is used for the ‘Some of our themes’ sidebar icons on this site. That works so well, but I can’t see how it is done. Is it easy to implement, and would that be an option perhaps?

    Thanks again for your help




    Yeah it looks like your using 2.8.1. You’ll want to update to the latest version, 3.0.8.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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