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    the sidebar (right) doesn’t start at the top!
    at the blog page (“news”) the sidebar appears on the right side but not at the beginning but under the last element of the page.
    you find the link in the private content.

    thx in advance for your support.


    Hi Nic_007!

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    You added a color section element which pushes the sidebar at the bottom of the page. Remove the color section element.




    Please update the theme to the latest version (3.2).

    Best regards,


    What does updating to version 3.2 have to do with this issue?
    I understand that the sidebar will always apear below the last color section element. But would it not be possible to simply tell the element to be inserted before the footer, as it also spans the entire width of the screen.

    This issue has also been brought up on the following threads:

    Unfortunately fullwidth elements such as fullwidth button, color section etc. would push sidebar below


    Just wanted to verify before I start hacking the template files.



    We have the latest version on our installs so in order to provide proper support we have to be in the same version, that’s why we’ll always ask that first.

    Regarding this actual issue, yes that’s how it works, fullwidth elements will appear on top of the sidebar, one thing you can do is discard using a Sidebar and use Columns + Widget Areas instead.



    Hey Josue! I have done what you said, but i would take the same line vetical like a real sidebar. How could i do that?



    Post a link to the page where you are trying it.



    Hi Josue!
    I could solve it on my own!
    Any idea for do the vertical line up to the slide?


    This is the code that I added:

    div .flex_column.av_one_fourth.flex_column_div.av-zero-column-padding.avia-builder-el-7.el_after_av_three_fourth.el_before_av_section.avia-builder-el-last {
    border-left: solid;
    border-left-width: thin;
    margin-left: 1%;
    padding-left: 40px;



    Seems to be working fine – http://screencast.com/t/j0FBWSVo

    Best regards,

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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