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    thanks for the awsome theme btw!
    I would like to use a sticky side bar to help people navigate through the pages and posts (usind Q2W3 plugin). Now I like to work with color sections since I like to use background colors and section ID.
    Problem is that both dont really work well together since the color section is stretching. If i use columns, the “sidebar” is not very much separated from the main content.

    My ideal goal would be, to create a transparent background or a line to separate my sidebar with the content. I am open to use both sidebar or 1/5 clumns with a widget area sidebar. Or is there even another tool that I currently dont have mentioned that would work as a small sticky menue on the side and is not necessarily a sidebar?

    Thanks for your help!


    Hey Ampower,
    Sorry for the late reply, I had not seen Q2W3 before, but it looks nice, but as you have seen the color sections are full width and other elements are forced below.
    So when I create a page with a sidebar I have a sidebar divider:
    If your content area, or sidebar was a slightly different background color, or if it had a background image would this achieve what you are looking for?
    If your page & sticky sidebar is much different, can you link to a test page so we can assist?

    Best regards,


    Offtopic – one of my old requests – we need an ALB Element which reacts like a color-section ( as a container for different albs ) fullwidth but not pushing sidebar down but besides sidebar.
    Or in other words an alb which reacts to the surrounding environment like a 1/1 container but inner behavior like color-section with drag and drop level 1 … that could solve a lot of layout idiosyncrasies

    this is a solution for a whole sticky sidebar ( aside ) …
    now Ampower look here and scroll down the page – you see the sidebar is sticky as long the as possible –
    if you are interested in that solution i link you to that page here:

    if you can’t transfer the solution to sidebar – i will tell you how.


    how to get a complex layout with “sidebar” and with containers inside content etc. pp.

    you can mimic it by having a fullwidth layout without sidebar!
    for the “sidebar” we use the alb element : “Widget Area” in a container.
    To be more flexible with layout you can use as surrounding container the grid-row ( because you can nest columns inside)
    we can have that grid-row as not full-width by some little snippet in child-theme functions.php.

    see here :

    If it is interesting to you – i give you advice.


    the classes have some fuctions – but i do not want to describe the way if it fits not your needs.


    Thanks for the answer. I am currently trying to achieve it with a 1/5 column on the right side in the first section plus a widget area. What I would need is a white background behind this 1/5 column that stretches through the whole page.

    How can I give you access to the page? its currently in maintenance mode



    Hi Ampower,

    You can post WordPress login details in private if it’s in maintenance mode.

    Best regards,

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