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    Hi – When youtube videos are included in a slider the standard youtube title bar and play button are hidden. How can you make the same thing happen when using youtube videos in a color section or any other “non-slider” part of a site. Example:


    We use the standard wordpress oembed api: which does currently not support additional parameters (like youtube player controls customization, etc.). I’d suggest to embed the iframe with the youtube video directly. You can use this generator: to create the right iframe code.


    Thanks Dude. How does the theme stop the standard title bar and youtube play button from showing in videos in sliders?


    Hi Guys – Sorry to bug you. Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks for the amazing support so far :)


    Hi stunna42,

    As Dude said you can use that link to create a control-less iframe code that can then be added in as an iframe.

    Also note our support queue goes by oldest response in a topic first. So self bumping just pushes the topic to the end of our queue.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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