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    How can I show the page title when main manue is set to left sidebar?
    This option shows only with main menue is set to header. But I would like the page title showing with left sidebar menues too.



    You can try adding following code to Functions.php file in Appearance > Editor

    function av_title_sc( ){
       echo "<h1 class='page-title'>". get_the_title() ."</h1>"; 
    add_shortcode( 'av_page_title', 'av_title_sc' );

    and add following shortcode to your page [av_page_title] to display the title :)



    I would like to show all(!) page titles, not the title of a single page. What I would expect is e.g. a check box to achieve this. Analogous to when the menu is set to “header”.

    Your reply shows a very tricky solution which needs (a) to modify the theme and (b) to add the shortcode to every page. This could easily be done simply adding the title (not the shortcode) in the content field of the page. Which nevertheless does not solve the problem.

    Is it possible to put the page title in the “fullwith area”?

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    After examining the source code I discovered that putting the “Logo and Main Menu” to the sidebar actually sets
    settings['header_title_bar'] == 'hidden_title_bar'
    and therefore the function avia_title (in functions-enfold.php) returns an empty string.

    A workaround is to uncomment the line #449 (as of Version 4.6.3)
    // if($header_settings['header_title_bar'] == 'hidden_title_bar') return "";
    This will allow the title (and the breadcrumbs) to display.

    If you don’t want the breadcrumbs change the line #449 to the following
    if($header_settings['header_title_bar'] == 'hidden_title_bar') $args['breadcrumb'] = false;

    Nevertheless I would suggest to add this as a feature in a new version.

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 3 months ago by etaerc.


    Thank you very much for those details, we appreciate them a lot! :)
    Someone else might also find them really useful.

    Best regards,


    Hi Basilis,
    my suggestions were not intended for “someone else” but for you, i.e. for Kriesi.
    Best regards



    Thank you for the info.

    This is actually the intended behavior. The title or breadcrumb container is not supposed to display when the top header is disabled, or when the sidebar menu/header is enabled.

    Best regards,

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