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    Is there a way to show the captions on the product image gallery in a Woo product? I have captions in all of the product choice images but the caption is not showing. The Alt Text shows on hover but that is all. I need them to at least show in the lightbox view but I would prefer they showed in the gallery view as well.

    The site is behind an Under Construction screen. Details in Private notes.


    Hey MichaelAlbany!

    We have updated the forum a bit and it seems like there’s a small glitch with showing the content in the private area. Could you try and submit it again because I can’t see any information you might have submitted there?



    Also look in an email inbox for I (Email address hidden if logged out) I sent it there too yesterday. Not that I know if there IS actually an info@ box but I took a guess.


    This issue is kind of pressing. Any ideas yet?



    please refuse from bumping into your own thread, because otherwise your thread gets marked as “answered”, which pushes it back in our queue.

    Note that we provide support via this forum only.

    I am not sure what you want to achieve. Could you provide us a link where you want captions to appear please? because I can see you captions just fine here:

    Could you find a solution for it already?

    Best regards,


    Well now they are showing in the lightbox area, which they weren’t last week. You can close this ticket.

    Just an FYI, where you are looking (your screen shot) is A) not the caption to an image, but the description of a product and B) not on the product page. If you click through to the product you would get a better idea of where I was talking about.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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