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    Dear great Support
    I´ve searched the forum for a solution but couldn´t find one – please could you show me a solution (to my problem).

    My customer needs photo credits to be shown underneath big pictures (like on single blog post or on blog pages with more than one post).

    On lightbox view you can see the photo credit – my customer wants this credit underneath the picture without clicking on it. How can I make this?

    with regards


    Dear great KulturDesign,

    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under General Styling tab



    Hey Yigit
    you´re great – thank you. This works for this picture only – al least we need a solution where the caption works dynamically on all other pictures and posts – if you understand what I mean?

    Which placeholder can I put in?
    content: ´ [ placeholder ] ´




    What do you mean by “caption works dynamically”? Use this code instead so that it fetches the title attribute of the image instead of a static text:

    .single-post .single-big a:after {
        content: attr(title);

    Best regards,


    Please could you help me again on this issue:
    Your solution works well for the caption which is shown correctly. But on the other hand now I have this double title on single post: It starts after the original title and doubles it

    Thanks Ismael
    This works
    that´s exactly what I intended :-)
    Best regards

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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