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    Hello – and thank you ahead of time for your help!

    My client wants the menu dropdown to display on click rather than hover. How can I set this up?

    1. click (not hover) on main menu item: submenu activated.
    2. click (not hover) the same main menu item: submenu deactivated. ALSO: clicking a second main menu item turns off the first submenu and displays the new one associated with the second.

    hope I’m making sense!




    One detail: this is for desktop.


    So will the main menu items not have links? If you are using the click to expand them to show submenu items then you won’t be able to use click to go to a page from the main menu item, only from the submenu items. I assume that the submenu items will have no submenu items, that is sub-sub-menu items, because that would be a problem.
    Please create a test menu / page that we can examine and link to it.

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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