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    Is there a way to show more shortcodes in the tabs? I would like to embed video from a shortcode if possible




    If i understood you correctly, you would like to insert Video shortcode inside of Tabs shortcode, if so, You can insert Tabs shortcode and then insert Video shortcode seperately, cut this Video shortcode and paste inside Tabs shortcode where it says “Tab Content goes here”.





    Is it possible to add custom icon to tab (not content) and make it bigger?

    Some thing like here: http://take.ms/1ApadB



    Yes, basically you can add shortcodes (eg the icon shortcode) into tabs too. You can use the “magic wand” icon (TinyMCE editor) to generate the shortcode. Then copy/paste it into the tab content editor field.



    Actually I need to place icons above the tab titles (see link in my previos post).

    Also is it possible to set tab titles to be on the center of content not only left or right?




    yes, I didn’t read your first post carefully enough. The answer to both questions is “no”. It’s currently not possible to add an icon to the tab title (horizontal tabs). You can try to place a textblock element above the tab element and to insert the font icon shortcode into the textblock element. Then you can change the icon size to align it with the tab titles. It’s also not easily possible to center the tab titles because they float to the left and you can’t use i.e. margin:auto to center them without rewriting the html structure quite a bit.


    Thanks for answer Dude. Maybe better solution for tabs is using lists? Then it will be easer to work with them by using individual classes for each list items and align in different ways?

    just thinking


    Here is example: http://themes.flashbluedesign.com/?theme=sliding_tabs_wp

    What you think?

    Maybe in next Enfold update ;)


    Hi sach,

    The site you listed actually has the same icon display as the theme: http://kriesi.at/themes/enfold/shortcodes/tabs/

    Either way thank you for the suggestions :)



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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