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    I have a problem with the shortcode, because it is displayed outside the box in which I put it:

    1. https://ibb.co/gVX5TMY
    2. https://ibb.co/xq25dj6

    The shortcode comes from the plugin:

    I also checked on another site and Elementor works fine. On the other hand, on the 2nd page with the Enfold template it does not work and displays the item under the menu.

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    Hey creativeopole,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    Are you sure the plugin URL above is correct? It just redirects to the plugin search page with the keyword “garden-product-checker”.

    Sadly, we do not provide support for third party plugins as stated on our support policy. You may need to contact the plugin developers for additional assistance.

    Best regards,


    After all, I wrote that the problem is with the enfold template and editor blocks.

    I don’t need plugin support as it works fine.

    The problem is that when I add a shortcode in the enfold column, it does not appear where it should be but it is displayed under the menu. As if the template blocks are not holding the shortcode in place.

    Please see the attachments again, where to put the shortcode and where it is displayed on the website.

    I corrected the link to the plugin, please check the enfold and you will see what the problem is and that it doesn’t display the shortcode.

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    Thank you for the update.

    Have you tried using a different shortcode inside the code block? Does it work as intended? If it does, then the issue is with how the plugin renders its shortcode output. Again, please provide a link to the plugin page so that we could test it on our end.

    UPDATE: Looks like the URL above is now working and according to the description, there are only 100 active installations for this plugin, so it has not been tested a lot. Have you tried looking for another plugin that has the same functionality?

    Best regards,


    I am sending the link to the plug again, it is given in the first post.

    I wouldn’t blame the plug and the code. Since it works with standard code, it works with Elementor and works with WPBakery. Therefore, only in Enfold the plug goes beyond the Enfold editor blocks.

    However, I am implementing the project on Enfold and I would like to solve the problem. It is the only plug that meets the functionality requirements.

    I ran into a similar problem:

    And it follows that the problem may be with the template and editor, not the plugin.

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    Did you try using a different shortcode in the text or code block? Is it working as intended? You could try the default WP shortcode and it should work just fine. Unfortunately, we are not familiar with the plugin and its code, so you will have to seek out for additional assistance with the plugin developers. Please ask them how the shortcode renders its output, or ask them for the name of the function that delivers the shortcode output.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,


    Of course, I will write to the creators of the plugin, but please explain why it does not work only with the editor and Enfold blocks? Even when added to a widget, it works. It also works in other templates and editors like Elementor and WPBakery.

    So you don’t think there is actually a problem with Enfold blocks since it works everywhere but only on Enfold not?



    Thank you for following up.

    There is obviously an incompatibility issue between the theme and the plugin since it is not working as expected, but what we are trying to point out is that, it is not a problem with how the code block renders the shortcode. Again, you could try a default shortcode from WP or a shortcode from a different plugin and it will work just fine, so the issue is how the plugin renders its shortcode. Unfortunately, we do not know how the plugin works and we are not familiar with its code, so it would be a huge help if the plugin developers could provide additional insights as to how the plugin render its shortcode, what function it is currently using or which filter or hook it is utilizing to render the output of the shortcode.

    Best regards,

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