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    its getting used to the new framework.

    In the previous version:

    by using the magic wand you had the option to place a widget shortcode of the latest posts in a page:

    [widget widget_name=”avia_newsbox” widget_class_name=”newsbox” title=”” count=”3″ excerpt=”show title only”]

    In the enfold backend i cannot :-(

    It’s possible with the widget, but in a page you cannot place a widget.

    So what is the shortcode for this, or how can we achieve this (or code to get this info)…

    Hope you have a shortcode ready for it…



    In Default editor and in Avia Layout Builder there is a Post Slider shortcode that you can use to display the latest posts. You can find it in “Content Elements” tab.




    I think i was not clear.

    If you check the theme preview and look at the footer. You see the widget for displaying the latest blog posts (latest news).

    In earlier themes the way the widget (visualy) looks was also the way the shortcode for displaying the latest blog post would look when you would insert the code in the content area / page.

    What i need is: the way the ‘latest blog posts’ looks in the footer, i need to have that display in the content area of the page.

    If there is a shortcode for that layout, else is it possible give me the php code so i can insert that in the page myself.

    any help is very welcome…


    Hi hotspot,

    No, that is not included in Enfold right now. You can use the shortcodes provided or you could just include a widget area into your page layout using the sidebar element in the advanced layout editor and include the widget into a custom sidebar only displayed in that specific sidebar/widget area.




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for pointing that out!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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