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    Maybe this is user error, but I am not having any luck inserting the shortcode into my default editor.

    I clicked on the contact form shortcode, filled out all the necessary info, and hit done. This inserted lines of code into my editor.

    av_contact (Email address hidden if logged out) ‘ title=’Join Now’ button=’Submit’ on_send=” sent=’Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Franklin Chamber of Commerce! Your information has been received, and a Chamber staff member will get in contact with you shortly for payment information to complete the application process. Congratuations on joining a network of more than 150 businesses, and we look forward to serving you and building our business community together.’ link=’manually,http://‘ subject=’I want to join the Chamber’ autorespond=” captcha=”]
    [av_contact_field label='Name' type='text' options='' check='is_empty' width=''][/av_contact_field]
    [av_contact_field label='Mailing Address' type='text' options='' check='is_empty' width=''][/av_contact_field]
    [av_contact_field label='Phone' type='text' options='' check='is_phone' width=''][/av_contact_field]
    [av_contact_field label='E-Mail' type='text' options='' check='is_email' width=''][/av_contact_field]
    [av_contact_field label='Company Name (business membership only)' type='text' options='' check='' width=''][/av_contact_field]
    [av_contact_field label='Website (business membership only)' type='html' options='' check='' width='']
    business membership only

    But once I hit update, and view my page live, only the code appears; not the actual form.

    I’m very confused. And I don’t know how to go back to edit my form either.



    I tried the code you posted on my local install and it worked. Have you tried disabled all third-party plugins to see if thats the root of the issue?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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