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    So I’ve activated the debug mode and added a third party calendar plugin shortcode in there to make it fit into the layout where I want it, but for some reason it gets messed up a bit. I’m now left wondering whether it’s something about the theme or the plugin.

    If I add the plugin in the default editor I get it right on the webpage:

    But if I want to add it in the layout (have a textbox above the calendar), then it gets stretched to fullwidth of the page and the title that was supposed to be above the calendar now sits below the calendar:

    Any idea if I can do a fix or if the third party plugin should do a fix, please?


    Hi DavyE,

    Adding that into the debug mode can be a bit dangerous. Its why it isn’t turned on by default and is not recommended to be used as your main way of editing layouts. It loads directly into your database so a stray bracket or broken code can cause that database entry to become corrupted.

    If the plugin isn’t working within the advanced layout editor’s text box, I’d recommend finding a layout that you can use the visual editor for with shortcodes.




    Hmm, ok thanks for the information, but how do you suggest I add the shortcode in the desired location, then?

    There are only the Enfold preset shortcodes in the advanced editor, so I assume you can’t add third-party shortcodes that way, but having to use the default editor means I can’t use any layouting, right?

    Is there a workaround to still get the new shortcodes in the exact place in the layout?


    The advanced layout editor is just a front end for using the theme shortcodes. So you can use the same layout elements with shortcodes to get a basic layout for that specific page.

    You could also (since you already have debug mode active) copy the shortcodes that are generated by the editor and paste them into the visual editor.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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