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    1. Just wondering if there is a reason that when I click on the short code wand when in a text block that it only gives me the options for Dropcap 1, Dropcap 2 and Font Icon, but done of the other options..?

    2. Is there anyway of inserting a button into an icon box, instead of using a text link..?

    Thanks in advance




    1.) Set your Advance Layout Editor to debug mode. Edit functions.php, go to line 16. Below, add this code.

    //set builder mode to debug
    add_action('avia_builder_mode', "builder_set_debug");
    function builder_set_debug()
    return "debug";

    The code above will render the actual shortcode below the Advance Layout Editor.

    You need to edit the shortcodes manually. Something like this:

    [av_textblock ]
    Click here to add your own text

    [av_icon_box icon='1' position='left' title='IconBox Title' link='' linktarget='no']
    Click here to add your own text

    [av_button label='Click me' link='' link_target='' color='theme-color' custom_bg='#444444' custom_font='#ffffff' size='small' position='center' icon_select='yes' icon='25']

    2.) Referring to the code above, it is a combination of icon box and button inside a text block. You can do the same with buttons inside an icon box.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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