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    Hello I just updated the theme and the short codes for event espresso stopped working. Verified it was the theme, by deactivating all plugins and switching themes.

    Any thoughts?


    Hey Roger,

    Please post us your login credentials (in the “private data” field), so we can take a look at your backend.

    Login credentials include:

    • the URL to the login screen
    • a valid username (with full administration capabilities)
    • as well as a password for that username

    Best regards,


    Awesome thanks. I also updated to wordpress 4.5 at the same time so this may have had something to do with this


    Hello yigit were you able to find where the issue is? I’m still unable to locate the issue



    Sorry, i could not figure out why it does not work. Shortcodes work when added in Text Block element in text tab and other shortcodes work fine on tabs element on my local installation.
    Can you please try contacting plugin author and ask if they have insights on what could be causing the issue?

    Best regards,


    So Event Espresso is looking into this, but is there any chance there is some frontend JS messing with it? It just seems odd that the shortcodes work with the default theme, but not enfold?


    Update from Event Espresso. Can you assist further?

    Thanks. I haven’t quite narrowed this down to the specific cause, but I can give you an update. The theme itself is fine. If I load it onto another site with Event Espresso running, the shortcodes parse correctly. Along with that, if I switch your site from using the child theme to use the parent theme, the shortcodes parse correctly on your site.

    So at this point it looks like it could be an option, a widget, or other theme setting that’s in play while the child theme is activated on your site.


    I’m thinking this has something to do with the theme settings. The main theme parses the shortcodes correctly, reinstalling a new child theme parses correctly, however if I import the enfold theme settings into a new child theme they stop parsing and I see the error.

    What can we do about this?


    Ok I found the exact issue. Please help me with this. I re-installed the child theme and changed the settings one by one. As soon as I set a front page in main enfold theme settings, the shortcodes stop working. Please help

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    Any update on this?

    I’e also found that setting the which page the blog appears on will trigger this error.

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    We are very sorry for the delay. Please refrain from bumping or replying to your own thread because it gets pushed back to the end of the queue and moderators won’t be able to provide a response immediately. Please be patient while we go through the rest of the queue. Thank you for your understanding.

    We added the shortcode in the home page and it is working. You can find it at the very bottom of the page. I’m not sure if this is related but all events are expired.

    Best regards,


    Thank you that is because the blog page has not been specified in the enfold theme settings. As soon as you choose which page should be the blog in the “And where do you want to display the Blog?” drop down. The shortcodes stop working.

    This seems to be an issue particular to the theme settings, can you look into it further?

    I’ve selected a page to be designated as the blog page and now the short codes dont work.l…

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    so it seems that the plugin is not fully compatible with the theme. I am sorry, but as mentioned in our support policy we don’t provide support for 3rd party plugins. If the plugin’s author can’t help you with this, then you would need to hire a freelance developer to make it compatible for you.

    Best regards,


    Hello. I would like a little more help as to where the issue is. The plugin author is more than willing to help with the issue, however we need some help locating what is causing the issue. Can you provide evidence that there isnt a bug in the theme settings? It seems to be happening when the blog page is set in the theme settings.



    We set the “News” page as blog and then set the Blog Layout > Blog Layout to “Use the advance layout builder”. The shortcode is working now:

    It is not working before because it’s not using the template-builder.php file which is the template that renders the page shortcode when you switch to the advance layout builder. If you need to display the posts in the “News” page, add the blog posts element.

    Best regards,


    Thanks for this! It seems to work now.

    However I’ve noticed another curiosity (before your workaround); it seems to work intermittently. If you create a new page and add the shortcode again it will work. A few updates later, it will stop working with the template builder. If you delete the page and set it up again, it will work again. Obviously you can’t support all plugins, but event espresso is one of the big ones, and the bug happens in combination with the Enfold theme being active.



    what is plugin’s author saying about this issue? maybe he can give some useful information about it.

    Best regards,

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