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    This really is the worst support ever here.
    If anyone cares, read here:
    and here:

    I mentioned that using the AVL on the shoppage won’t allow porduct sorting. See private content for a url.
    Now someone claimed that he fixed it but that is nonse. All he did was setting a different new page as a woocommerce shop page, instead of the actual shop page (with AVL enabled). So not having the actual shoppage set in WC settings fixed it, but in that case i have 2 shoppages (the AVL one and the WC one). I don’t think that is feasible.




    Hey wzshop,

    First of all, I am sorry if you fill like that.
    I tested the page again, and it is the same issue. You do not have the my-shop page as a shop page, so it cant work.

    I am sorry, I would love to help more, but the change that I will do will be the same. It has to be that page so the functionality will work.

    Best regards,


    What do you mean as a shop page.
    You set the sample page as a shop page in WC settings. Thats why it works now.
    Ive set it to the my-shop page again (in WC settings) and (of course) it is not working anymore.

    -a vlc product grid page
    -selected as a shop page in WC settings
    -will not work when sorting the products.

    It seems to me that this only can be named as a BUG in enfold, since VLC wont allow the shop page to order its products.
    IF you mean that VLC wont comply with the WC shop page functionality then please say so. But i don’t understand how that can be feasible as a theme.

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    Delete all the other pages, leave only the one that you want to be and I will change the info again and we can see if it works or not :)

    Best regards,


    This is a testserver so you can do whatever you think is necessary to make this work and find a fix.
    Deleting pages is part of that.



    We are very sorry for the confusion. You can’t use the advance layout builder if the page is set as the base shop page in the Woocommerce > Settings. That is the default behavior unless the “avia_custom_shop_page” is supported. More info in the documentation.


    Please note that the default product sorting options or widgets are not going to work if you do enable the advance layout builder for the shop page. This is one of the many limitations mentioned in the documentation.

    Best regards,


    Finally some clarification.
    It’s a shame the WC sorting etc is not working with AVL. I can however not find this limitation, explicitly, in the documentation.



    Yes, it’s not explicitly stated but we described how it will affect the default product query which is what the filter needs in order to work properly.

    Best regards,

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