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    The site I’m working on is

    I’m in the ShiftNav settings and am attempting to set the hamburger and text color to black please.

    I set the “Font Color” to black and then saved and refreshed.
    And the Hamburger and the title in the top middle of the screen where is says”BodyTalk Care” is not black yet.

    I’m curious, I would like to understand why the ShiftNav settings are not being applied in relation to Enfold and if your could please help with a code for quick CSS or why the Shift Nav settings are not being applied?

    Thank you for the timely and professional support.


    It seems like it’s applied on some pages and not others.
    I’m confused why that is and need clarity, could you please offer any perspectives of why this may be?
    Is it that the settings that are applied take time?


    ok,I see that it just took some time.
    I’m curious why that is?
    Is there something specific you can suggest I focus on to improve the time to be faster in applying settings to Enfold when editing my site?



    What is ShiftNav? Please try to explain the changes you are trying to make a bit further and/or post a screenshot highlighting the changes you would like to make.



    Hi Rikard.

    ShiftNav is a menu that Uber menu makes.
    The changes have been made.

    I am learning that it takes a few min before the changes I make in the settings show through out the website.
    Does that make sense?

    I noticed it was taking time (loading time issue?) and I was curios what a solution for that may be?

    Thanks for the reply.



    Ok I see, are you using any caching plugins or similar? If so please try to deactivate them while you are making changes to your site. Your hosting provider might be using varnish cache, you might want to check if that is the case. If you should still be having problems then please post admin login details in private and we’ll have a closer look.



    I don’t yet know the difference between caching plugins or what you are referring to when I read “similar”

    I am curious and need understanding,

    how would I know which ones are caching plugins? What am I looking for specifically?

    I hear you, once I identify a caching plugin I can try and deactivate them while I make a change to my site



    Please send us a temporary admin login so that we can have a closer look. You can post the details in the Private Content section of your reply.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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