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    is it possible to create a shade effect or a 2px black frame around the letters of a Special Heading or another heading?

    I have a white text overlayed on a video that is initially black then becomes bright and I would like the header to keep standing out instead of disappearing into the white video.

    You can view what I mean here in the above the fold part of the page:

    overlay text

    Thank you so much for your help!


    This is what I did:

    .stroketext {
    -2px -2px 0 #000,
    0 -2px 0 #000,
    2px -2px 0 #000,
    2px 0 0 #000,
    2px 2px 0 #000,
    0 2px 0 #000,
    -2px 2px 0 #000,
    -2px 0 0 #000;

    Then just add stroketext class to anything.


    Thank you @k358!

    When you say: “then add stroke text class to anything” can you explain what do you mean (sorry, I don’t know what that is)?
    Where do I add Stroketext?


    if these are headings then yes – might be done this way.
    But as far as i can see is “Vacation Rental World Summit” and “A new beginning” etc. pp a png file and no text.

    easiest way and not so performance intensive as f.e. filter : drop-shadow : just edit your images as png files with an outline in f.e. Photoshop.

    you can see with drop-shadow :

    .avia-image-overlay-wrap .avia_image {
       -webkit-filter: drop-shadow(2px 2px 0 black) drop-shadow(-2px -2px 0 black);
        filter: drop-shadow(2px 2px 0 black) drop-shadow(-2px -2px 0 black);

    but you had to find a custom selector on your page. Bring a custom class to those containers.


    Hi abortolotti,

    If you want to add a class to the Special Heading then you can do so in the Advanced->Developer settings tab in the element option.

    Thanks @guenni007 and @k358 for helping out :-)

    Best regards,


    Hi @Rikard,

    I checked within the Special Heading element but I can’t find the “Advanced” and “Developer Settings” tab…where do I look?
    Thank you.

    Thank you also @Guenni007 and @k358: I’m looking at your advice too, so I hope I’ll be able to fix this asap.

    : to see if I get your suggestion right, I insert the code you gave me into the Enfold–>General Styling–>QuickCSS then I add a “shadow” (for example) Custom Class within the Special Heading content element tab? And if so, do I have to add the same “shadow” word somewhere in the code you gave me?

    Thank you for your help


    First : if you need help and on creating a page – could you please do not hamper the context menu of the mouse.
    Working with developer tools- without the right click is much more complicated.

    about which headings you are talking? The things above i mentioned aren’t headings by the meaning of Enfold these are pngs and no letters (font) at all.
    So about which “headings” do you talk?
    ( click to enlarge the image )

    So : believe me – the filter option is a nice one – but it is performance intensive ! :

    Hardware accelerated in browsers that support it. It’s a heavy lift without it.

    • so my advice is to change that to font and real headings – use instead of the image alb a heading alb ( and yes this would be nice to set here a class )
    • or prepare the png in a image editor to have an outline

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 5 months ago by Guenni007.

    Hi @Guenni007, I guess my mouse works with right click, as I haven’t hampered anything :)
    As for heading, I was talking about the special heading on the page you saw, when you correctly noticed that there is both a special heading but also 2 png images for which a shadow would be needed.
    Then you added a code for me to try, and I guess I should copy paste your code into the QuickCSS box within Enfold General Styling Settings, but from then on, I haven’t quite understood what to do next, to make the shadow show.
    Thanks for any further help.


    we are posting nearly the same time : please read again my comment above.

    Best would be to have a custom-class on those img – but you can select them this way too:

    img.avia_image[src*="anbwhite"] {
    -webkit-filter: drop-shadow(2px 2px 0 black) drop-shadow(-2px -2px 0 black);
        filter: drop-shadow(2px 2px 0 black) drop-shadow(-2px -2px 0 black);
    img.avia_image[src*="vrwslogonoyearwhite"] {
    	-webkit-filter: drop-shadow(2px 2px 0 black) drop-shadow(-2px -2px 0 black);
        filter: drop-shadow(2px 2px 0 black) drop-shadow(-2px -2px 0 black);	

    here you can have 4 drop-shadows similar to the heading above – but performance is important too.


    Thank you so much @Guenni007! :)
    I opted for adding a drop shadow to the two images with PixelmatorPro (the software I use for images), as it’s a bit too hard for me as a non developer to understand how to transform the two images into the right fonts in a header (the second one being a logo, so harded to reproduce as a font).
    Last question and then I’m done, how do I add the drop shadow instead of the 1px border around the “7th Edition Online…” header, so it creates a similar effect to that of the images? As you can see, I added the code provided by k358 above to the header, then changed the shadow size from 2px to 1px, but it looks still quite sharp instead of looking more as a shadow like in the two images above and below it.
    Thank you again for all your help.



    Sorry for the delay. We can use the text-shadow property to add shadows to the text.

    .av-special-heading-tag strong {
    	text-shadow: 2px 2px #000000;

    Best regards,

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