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    This is just a one page website

    I just tried to create an Enfold Child Theme. I followed the instructions regarding importing the settings. When the child theme was activated there were some differences:

      The large image at the top of the page no longer stretched across the viewport and aligned with the margins of the text underneath. I’ve tried to restore this unsuccessfully. How do I do this?
      The custom font properties for the headings had changed.. Although the main content body text is showing as 20px it doesn’t display that big in my chrome browser. I have cleared the cache many times.
      I decided to revert to the parent theme but that now had the same properties as the child theme
      Something weird is that the settings .txt file imported into the media directory. At all times during the process pop-ups assured me that everything had been done correctly.

    Hey mediaapps,

    Thanks for the login details. I see that the child theme is currently not active, are we allowed to activate it in order to see the problems you are having?

    The Color Section on the front page has a regular image added to it, when doing that the image will stay within the container width bounds. If you want it full width, then please try setting it as a background in the Color Section instead.

    Best regards,


    Yes. You may activate the child theme.

    Also, I’ve been trying to get the image to work properly in the Parent Theme but can’t get the size right for the background in the color section. I had it working properly before I played around with creating a child theme. Any more suggestions there please?



    Thanks for the update. I activated the child theme, but I can’t see any difference in either the header or the font sizes on your front page, could you check and verify that on your end as well please?

    The image background in the Color Section looks good on my end, could you let us know what you would like to change please? If you have a screenshot highlighting your intentions, then that would help.

    Best regards,


    Did you check the background image on mobile devices? It isn’t responsive for me.

    It was responsive before I played around with the child theme. I actually can’t remember putting it in a background originally.

    Also, when I export settings from the parent theme where should that .txt file normally be stored on the site?

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    Thanks for the update. Having background images look exactly the same on all screen sizes is unfortunately difficult. You could try to duplicate the section in question, then use an image which is better adapted for mobile screens in the new one. After that, then you can select on which screen sizes you want to display your two sections on in the element options.

    After you have exported your theme settings, then you can simply upload it under Import/Export. You don’t really need to store that file on your site at all.

    Best regards,


    There’s been a misunderstanding. This is a quote from my original post.

    The large image at the top of the page no longer stretched across the viewport and aligned with the margins of the text underneath.

    So a background image wasn’t the answer. I shouldn’t have said “stretched across the viewport” I guess. I’ve fixed it now by just deploying a single full width column as the Layout Element so the image responds properly on all devices.
    Thank you. All good.



    I’m glad this was resolved. If you need additional help, please let us know here in the forums.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon

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