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    So, I had problems with the order of my posts and the arrows to click to the next post.
    I solved the problem, but now without updating anything, and without changing stuff its a complete mess.
    I also guess that not possible yes ;-) I spend hours, even days to get this right, but now Im really lost :(

    I have 2 categorys, and on 2 pages on my site I show blogposts.on page A only posts of category “1”, on page B only posts of category “2”
    First there was a problem with the arrows, everything went backwards. Great I found the solution on the forum, I had to change code in the functions.php. Some code was in the wrong order. So Ifixed that! (yesh!) worked perfectly.

    It seems to be very complicated to get the posts in an order i want to, just with the Enfold theme. Thats why I use the re-order plugin works great. So I had it fixed, everything workes fine.

    But now there is a problem. on page “A” there are 11 posts of category “1” and some of them didnt show up, an error was given. I found out that the permalink was changed in a number.(hey, i didnt do that!) When I changed the permalink into a word, the post was visible again. This happened with a few posts. Now I still have this “clicking arrow” problem (again) : at some posts the arrow doesnt show up, so its not possible to click to the next post.

    I tried lots of things, also disabled the re-order plugin. Nothing helped.

    I really would aprreciate if you could take a look. :( Waiting for you superman-help!)
    thanks in advance.

    see private details below.


    Hi Anneloes1981!

    I’m sorry but I am having trouble understanding. So on page “A” there is supposed to be more than 11 posts displaying there?

    It’s not letting me login. Is the information correct?

    Best regards,


    Hi elliot, you read the private post with login details? That info is right. Try again. Hope to get an answer soon, thanks!



    The posts without arrows are created using the ALB for posts so that is the expected behaviour, please use the standard editor if you wan the “normal” look. You can still use ALB elements in your post by using the Magic Wand tool.



    Hello you all!

    Rikard, that doesnt sound right to me!
    – the other page I have shows posts all made by both standard and alb, there the arrows work fine
    – it worked fine on the page where all posts are made in alb, it did work, but all of a sudden not anymore.

    there must be a better explanation and solution for this not?!

    to be sure we are talking about the same: ALB is what in dutch is called Avia Indeling Bouwer, the one with the blocks and elements..

    Hope for help soon!

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    Sorry I lied to you there, there should be navigation arrows on posts even though they are created with the ALB. But having a closer look at the /projecten/ page gets me really confused. You are displaying the posts with a Blog Posts element only displaying posts from the GitaarvanhoutProjecten category, and the two which are not displaying arrows are actually pages, not posts. How are you getting them into the post feed?

    Best regards,


    Hey Rikard,

    o wow, thats interesting, thanks for noticing this.
    Its like this: every post in the category GITAARVANHOUTPROJECTEN, used to be a page/has been made has a page.
    I saved the page as a template.
    Than I made a new post with the template.
    So my pages turned into posts.

    I made “concoursen” from sratch, its a post now. Alauda vocalis I left like it used to be, cause its interesting:

    – if you surf to http://gitaarvanhout.nl/alauda-vocalis/ as you noticed its a page
    -but if you open this exact post from the post its of course a post.

    So I add the post alauda voaclis to the blogpost. And “computer sais” its an page.
    The template indeed comes from an older page, but thats also the case for all the other posts, which are now all known as posts,

    So, do you understand this behaviour?




    To be honest, no. I have no idea how you are getting pages to show up in a blog feed? But I think an easy solution to your problem would be to convert the pages(!) you are having problems with and publish them as posts instead. You can easily copy/paste the shortcode by activating debug mode: http://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/enable-advanced-layout-builder-debug/



    Thanks, i ll give it a try!



    Great, please let us know if you should need any more help on the topic.


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