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    Hi guys, I know this is not your responsibility!! Just wondering if you might know why SEO Yoast Plugin is contantly saying pages are not registering images (and so penalising the page in terms of ranking) when there are images on the page. I always add the images through the Avia Layout Builder, Media Elements, Image?


    Hey Annemarie!

    It’s because your using the layout builder and that plugin does not recognize content inside it, only the default editor. You don’t have to worry though, it does not effect your SEO at all, search engines can still see it fine on the front end.



    For reference for anyone else looking at this issue. IMAGES CAN BE RECOGNISED WITH YOAST IF YOU DO THIS….

    Instead of inserting a picture through Avia Builder “Media Element… ‘Image’ and inserting picture this way… I inserted a “Text Block” and inserted a picture from the media archive this way. This way Yoast registers the image ;-)



    Great! Thank you for the tip. :)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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