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    Hi lami4d,
    Work through your CSS files one by one and exclude the offending CSS file from minification that is causing the flash.
    I tried 5 or so plugins for both CSS and JS minification.
    For me, The best results were from WPMU DEV Humming Bird, which compressed without causing too many display errors.
    Humming Bird also allows you to defer CSS as JS to the header or footer. I know it’s a paid plugin. But it gave the best results.

    I also took my speed optimisation one step further by pre-compressing both JS and CSS file in the parent theme. Keeping both the original and a compressed version. However, I would need to repeat this process every time I upgrade ENFOLDS.
    I have suggested to Kriesi that precompressed resources should also be available with the theme. There are too many display issues caused by third-party minify plugins for a one click suit all scenario. One day hopefully.

    I have posted my optimisation results here –
    I plan at some point to provide an in-depth guide. Don’t hold your breath.

    1. Don’t minify any existing CSS files that already have .min.css
    Exclude from minify, however, you can still combine these CSS files.

    2. Don’t minify, but combine.
    jquery-core :: wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js

    3. There are 3 main files that I found, that if ‘combined’ caused display issues with ENFOLDS
    avia-scs :: enfold/css/shortcodes.css
    avia-layout :: enfold/css/layout.css
    avia-dynamic :: dynamic_avia/enfold_child.css

    To remove the flash – You could also try – Above the fold CSS.
    Remove all CSS minification.
    Render the page
    Then get your above the fold CSS for the home page.
    Try this:
    Or there is a chrome extension – Critical Style Snapshot
    Move a copy of header.php from themes/enfold/ to themes/enfold-child/ then add the above the fold CSS to the header.php file just before the </head>

    <style type="text/css" id="above_the_fold" media="all">
    Insert above the fold css here 

    All CSS required to render the page successfully has been added to header.php
    You can then try to turn your minification back on – to see if you still get the flash.

    The only other tip I can add … Page Speed Insights.

    Leverage browser caching (2 hours)

    There are a lot of suggestion on how to get around this, but they are all complicated. The easiest method to solve Leverage browser caching for Google Analytics is too….
    1. Install Google Tag Manger.
    2. Implement Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager
    3. Remove your legacy Google Analytics.

    I found this video series very informative.

    Thanks – Julian Juenemann from Measureschool

    Let me know how you go



    Thanks for contributing @huxburyQuinn, much appreciated!

    Best regards,


    it’s not getting better:
    we get a “Loading time: poor” with the latest enfold version
    the problems are still “Renderblocking JS” and “Load visible content before CSS and JS”
    and we still do not think that a comprehensive theme like enfold should force us to use some complicated minify/optimization plugins to solve this problem


    Hi net-files,

    You can defer most of the scripts loading, there are plenty of solutions and plugins out there. Here are some for you to consider:

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,


    hello everyone
    i have found that this plugin work the best for my enfold theme for my clinets
    WOT CACHE PLUGIN the best thing is that it has a premade preset that you just need to choose enfold from it and thats it the plugin do the rest
    also you have in it image optimization which help me alot with optimization


    Hi tiranmoy,

    Thanks for sharing, much appreciated. I’ve never tried that plugin out myself though, so if you want to share a copy for us to try out then please drop me a line at the email in private.

    Best regards,

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    Sorry, I forgot that you can’t see private information in this thread. I just sent you an email on the the email you used to register here.

    Best regards,


    Hello I have followed the advice of Tiranmoy and I bought the plugin WOT: my score with google speed now is 89/97. Plugin recommended.


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    Hi Maurizio,

    Thanks for sharing, much appreciated :-)

    Best regards,


    Hello tiranmoy,
    thanks for your hint. Don’t get me wrong, but in checking your replies here in the forum over the time I see that all you do is recomending this plugin. ;-) Do you have any conflict of interest we need to know? Once again: Don’t get me wrong.

    Best Regards


    Hi Sigmund,

    Tiran is working to promote that plugin, yes. I have tried it out though and I can recommend it as it’s working well. If you want to read a review about it then you can find one here:

    Best regards,

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    Hi Rikard,
    thanks for the clarification. I have read your review. The free version of WOT Cache has been deleted from the WordPress repo, is closed.

    Do you know if the pro version can handle the “above the fold” topic in enfold which google insights is always complaining about?

    Best Regards

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    Yes, I just talked to Tiran about that and they have decided not to provide a free version anymore. I don’t think that WOT Cache can get rid of all the warning in Google Page Speed, but if you are actually only trying to speed up your installation, then you shouldn’t pay all that much attention to what Google’s test tell you. I would check it on Pingdom instead, as that focuses on the actual speed of the site. Not what Google thinks is best practice or not.

    Best regards,


    Hi, is there any free working solution in 2018?
    My website is ridiculously slow. Loading time is about 11s. I tried to figure out how to boost it, but I am not a programmer.


    Fast Velocity Minify helped my page scores a lot, but has become less compatible with Enfold with the last few Enfold updates where they are working on css and js. I think they are streamlining Enfold with these mini updates so you might want to wait until the end of the month. Also, if you’re using Go Daddy, consider a better host that will provide a less overloaded server for your site.



    Thanks for your input Rob :)

    Best regards,


    Take it from me that it’s pointless trying to score 100% on PageSpeed Insights.

    Look at Time To First Byte (TTFB). You can have a massive page, packed full of data but if the top of the page loads quickly and you start to read it then what lies below has time to render if it’s parsed asynchronously- this is the whole point of perceived loading time. This is what true user experience relates too – how fast does a site ‘feel’ to use. That’s different from actual speed.

    Google PageSpeed should not be used in isolation. You need to combine this with GTMetrix and Pingdom tools. Plus, and this is a big one, Google Lighthouse – which simulates real world connection speeds for 3G devices and upwards.

    Go to your web-host and look at how they perform, how they handle DNS lookups and use Lighthouse to get a list of priorities.

    I use WP-Rocket and NO OTHER OPTIMZING tools. It renders your critical path CSS and does a remarkable job.

    The one issue Enfold has its reliance on loading jQuery in the initial page render – it’s used for some Above The Fold functions. If you defer this the theme breaks. I have had a conversation with Kreisi on the subject but it will not (currently) be parsed in any other way and is not on the list for consideration.

    That’s a shame as it sends me from an orange mobile score through into the high 90’s. The bulk of everyone’s on-site speed issues could be wiped out with that change and using WP-Rocket (I am NOT an affiliate). It would need a lot of work but think of the advantages?

    These are my practical experiences. I hope it helps.


    Back again! Some healthy discussion here.

    I recently purchased WotCache for a client and tested it out. The default preset for Enfolds was disappointing.
    After resetting and doing manual tweaks, I got some impressive results in the high 90’s. However, several other issues surfaced.
    1. Admin Bar Disappeared. As per the preset – Be sure to exclude CSS: admin-bar.min.css and dashicons.min.css
    2. Minify JS worked fine, however, for whatever reason I could not track down – WotCache also minified some shortcode inline js breaking the JS cookie. It seems to be all or nothing. For now, I have disabled Minify JS. I am working on segmenting the shortcode inline JS to an external file – so that it could be excluded.
    3. The compression minify engine – results were good – however, on testing with Pagespeed insights, GTMetrix, WebPageTest and Pingdom. All suggested that the CSS and JS could be reduced further. Most of these sites allow you to download optimised assets. What is the go here? There must be a reason why WotCache is using a particular minify engine.
    4. With Cache activated, I soon noticed 404 errors on editing and publishing pages.
    5. The WOT CACHE spin icon was always present at the bottom of the page in admin
    6. Clearing the Cache would time out and the spinning icon would not go away
    7. On publishing an update, the cache for that post was not auto updated. The client found this very annoying – having to constantly manually clear the cache.

    After dealing with these issues – In this instance – have disabled the WotCache plugin.
    I’m not saying that the plugin doesn’t work, but with a few improvements, performance could be better.
    Hopefully, the guys at WotCache can resolve these issues with future updates.

    I currently host over 20 sites with DREAMHOST a USA hosting provider. I am in Australia and so are my clients.
    With most speed test from US servers, everything is lightning fast. However, when speed testing with an Australian severs first-byte is the main issue.
    The use of a CDN would resolve this issue, however, with Dreamhost, at the moment, there is a restriction with the Cloudflare that the domain must force WWW – which creates the “too many redirects issue”.
    And I believe DreamHost has saturated their Shared Server Hosting. With Vanilla install of WordPress and Enfolds with no traffic, the site automatically exceeds Dreamhosts’ CPU usage. Dreamhost is forcing users to upgrade to DreamPress or a VPS.

    On the back of this, I am trialling hosting with SiteGround – and with a vanilla install of Enfolds out of the box with no CDN, using Sydney as my speed test server location, For first-byte I get a yellow “C” on Siteground instead of a red”F” from Dreamhost.
    SiteGound has built-in server caching solution, SuperCache –

    I have yet to do further testing with Enfolds on the SiteGound Server. I will report back later with a more resolved conclusion.

    I hope this helps.


    Hi HuxburyQuinn,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with WOT Cache. I’ve seen 1 & 2 happens on some sites as well, but not the other problems you are describing.

    Best regards,



    I decided to do some comprehensive testing on the DEVELOPMENT SITE

    WOTCACHE After loading the PRESET for ENFOLDS
    1. Front page – On page load first render there is a CSS flicker
    2. Front page – The full-page Slider – not rendered
    3. Front page – Testimonials slider – not rendered
    4. Front Page – Gravity Form – not rendered
    5. Page Content – Animated images and galleries – not rendered
    6. Page Content – Portfolio Grid – not rendered
    the list goes on.

    Reset the WOT Cache Preset to GENERAL
    Make the following edits
    Minify [ √ ] HTML / [ √ ] CSS

    COMBINE CSS [ √ ]
    Exclude CSS

    ASYNC CSS [ ] don’t tick



    EXCLUDE PAGES – empty



    MOVE JS [ √ ]

    COMBINE JS [ √ ]
    EXCLUDE JS [ ] empty

    ADD TRY-CATCH WRAPPING [ ] don’t tick

    DEFER JAVASCRIPT [ ] don’t tick
    EXCLUDE PAGES – empty




    Let me know how you go with these settings.


    WOT Cache
    I have purchased the plugin and tested it on a testserver in comparison to W3 Total Cache. The benefits where small if even existing. The enfold preset is only working with a virgin enfold installation, the support told me. By the way: The support was good. Trying to install the plugin on the production server (Hosteurope shared webspace) the activation failed. The support tried its very best but did not succeed. They refunded me the money.

    Remarks: Every cache / minify plugin needs work, a automatic solution seems almost impossible to me.



    hello to all i am from wot support which you can also send this qustions too :)

    This is a fact, that every Cache plugin needs tuning. There is no magic wand
    but as Sigmund said
    in virgin theme preset will work fine, if you add alot of plugins in to it then it will need set up
    also regarding server issue it is under testing by us this is a rare thing that happend only twice from hunders of installs
    and its a server issue so we are looking for a way around it
    we stand fully behind our product and will refund anyone who dont get the result he desire
    most of our sites get 90+ in results


    Hi @tiranmoy and @sigmund,

    Thanks a lot for sharing and helping out. Like you all point out, caching plugins will likely need tuning to work as they should on a specific site, and I think the Enfold template in WOT is designed for user who don’t really have any experience in this field.

    I personally have very good experiences with speed improvement using WOT, and I can recommend Enfold users to try it out.

    Best regards,


    I did what Arnold suggested but got no results.
    So I delete the three plugins,
    Now my performance are:
    Pingdom: 84/100 – Load time: 14″
    GTmetrix: 71% – Load time: 28″
    PageSpeed Insights: 45/100

    Who should I trust?
    For instance, Pingdom says tha Leverage browser caching is 90, but GTmetrix says is 56.
    How can it be possible?


    Hi gianmarizzi,

    We can’t answer for how those services work unfortunately. Maybe if you linked to the results we could have a look?

    Best regards,


    @huxburyquinn – Using Google Tag manager actually doubles up the Leverage browser caching problems, having two, instead of just one .js file.


    Hi Lennone,

    Things have obviously changed in the past 2 years since this post.

    You can remove this by editing your (.htaccess file) HTTP headers to set expiry times for certain types of files.

    Read more here:
    https:// gtmetrix (dot) com / leverage-browser-caching.html



    Thanks for sharing @HuxburyQuinn :-)

    Best regards,

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