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    Hello Support,

    I feel that there seems couple of bugs, which i would like to share and gets resolved by your kind support.

    1. When we use “text block” content element and then click to edit it. Then click Add Media and then when we drag and drop the image, it hangs up.
    We have no other choice except refreshing it. And after doing a refresh we lost everything. I tried this from other computers and browsers also, but the same thing happens.

    2. If we scroll down a bit on any page. And then click on exactly on center ( or bar of magnifying glass) of the Search Box, then it gets opened normally, but can’t be closed from the same mouse position. We have to move our mouse a bit on top part of the magnifying glass.
    However, this is not the case when we are at Top of the page. The search box can be closed by clicking anywhere on the magnifying glass.
    The same thing can be replicated on demo also.

    3. Under Theme Options, Styling > Header > Primary Color field option, it doesn’t shows the current selected color and when we click on the field it doesn’t shows the small circular selector which shows the position of selected color.
    Rest everywhere in Styling options, it is working perfectly fine. Showing current colors and selector with circle in the exact position.

    4. The Color selector box from any content element or layout element (ofcourse that has color option to choose from) didn’t closes down.
    Say, if we edit color section, and click on EMPTY box (where color values shown), it opens the color selector, we choose any color and then if we close the box by clicking “Current color”, then it re-opens. Then that point onwards doesn’t matter where we click it opens everytime and overlaps the field below it.
    However, this is not the case, when we first click on “Select color” box to open the color selector and chooses and closes it.

    I cross verify it on other browsers, computers and locations too, with hard refresh also, but the problem persists.

    Wish you could take care of these small bugs too by making the theme more and more flawless and better.


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    Thank you for using the theme!

    I tried to recreate the issues above and the only problem that I can reproduce is the search bar issue. The rest is working as expected. I tested it on this page:

    Please try to deactivate the “MOJO Marketplace” plugin, see if the search bar issue persist.



    Hello Ismael,

    Thanks for your response.
    1. I tried again by deactivating the plugin, but the problem persist for Search box. The same thing is happening on demo site also as i mentioned earlier.

    2. Regarding rest, all of the issues still occurs, i have again tried from different locations, different browsers (firefox, chrome) updated one, next day or other. But same problem persists.
    I again request you to kindly recreate those issues by reading the problems points again, that i mentioned above. I am sure you will be able to reproduce those errors.




    I’ll tag the search bar issue for Kriesi as I’m not sure if that can be changed easily or not. The issues is that the nav bar gets re-sized and the new position means the absolute positioning of the pop up element isn’t in the same relative location. Its more of a quirk than a bug so I’m not sure what Kriesi will want or can do about.

    I know there are still some quirks with the color selector but again that isn’t something we can directly help with as they are major built in elements of the framework.

    The #1 issue however I wasn’t able to reproduce either.

    Best regards,


    Hello Devin,

    I have tried making videos for the problems / bugs / glitches that are arising. I tried on different computers, browsers, different internet connection, but problem persists.
    For problem numbers stated above, video links are below-



    However, the 1st problem gets resolved somehow, so i didn’t created video for that. But if that arises again, i will surely let you know.
    For 2nd, you already agreed, hope the kriesi will take care of that too.

    I request you to kindly check the video links, may be i was not being able to clarify the issue or glitch type.




    I tried reproducing the issues on the videos but it didn’t happen on my end (Chrome / OS X 10.9), please take a look:



    Hello Josue,

    Thanks for trying at your end too. But I would like to request you to check the 2nd video again – (4.
    Here i want to point out the empty area where the color hex value is shown once after selecting the color.

    For 1st and others, i would like to ask you what could be the issue, because i don’t have any plugins installed from the beginning and till now.
    Everything updated, browser, theme. I tried with different locations, different computer, and internet connection, but the problem persists.

    Kindly do the needful.



    Yes, i was aware of the color selector issue in the Color section, if you look the video at 0:18 i tried reproducing it with no success.

    Also tried the ‘text block – image’ issue:

    One problem i noted in your installation is that your child theme folder name has spaces, please removed them via FTP, that’s causing a 404 error on your page and that could fix the bug of the magnifying glass icon.



    Hello Josue,

    Thank you for looking into the issue again. I think i was not being able to clarify the color selector issue. Let me try again as at 0:18 your video didn’t attempt what i actually want to inform.
    Say, If someone clicks on the empty field area first (where hex color value appears), then also the pop-up box opens where one selects the color. And when someone selects the color from there and then closes that box by clicking on “select color” button. Then that glitch will start appearing. From that point onward, when someone clicks on any other field then that color selector box keeps pops-up everytime.
    For that you can check my same video from 0:24 seconds onwards

    Do you mean by the name “Labhanshi Child”. Should i remove the gap in between these two words and make it “LabhanshiChild”.
    Do i have to make this change both in Folder name and style.css. As i am using the same name at both places.

    Can you please let me know where the 404 error is coming on my site. And the magnifying glass icon issue can be seen in the theme demo also.

    Thanks :)


    Only in the folder name, i’ll check the video again now.


    Ok, i will change folder name to “LabhanshiChild”, wish that will be ok.
    Also, “Can you please let me know where the 404 error is coming on my site.”

    Thanks :)


    Hello Josue,

    I have changed the folder name as suggested and set it from “labhanshi Child” to “labhanshiChild” (without quotes)
    But i haven’t changed the name in child’s css and it is still “labhanshi Child” as was suggested earlier that i need to change it in only in folder name. Is that OK.
    Can you now check at your end whether is it still throwing 404 error. As for above link it is now fine at my end.
    Also, on which other page/s at frontend it was showing 404 error other than the link you have given above. How did you replicate it. Because, before changing the name, i didn’t find the 404 error at that time on any page.

    Hope you might have got some clue from the video too regarding other problem.

    Thanks :)



    /themes/labhanshiChild/style.css is showing up correctly for me.

    Best regards,


    OK, thanks

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