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    Hej Hej,

    Recently I bought the template, and I’m very satisfied my the design.

    Anyhow I need to make some few changes.

    1. I need to add a secondary menu, which I did, and that will include 2 links which will be placed at the top right. I need to make this 2 links with a background color (one orange, one purple) so they kind of look like buttons which stick out from the rest of the design. Can you pls let me know where do I do that?

    2. I would need to increase the height of the header

    2. Once I added the secondary menu, the rest of the web side went down(logically)…Anyhow, what I need is that I want the text under the slider to be shown once I open the site…I’m planing to have there title MISSION followed by two raw sentence. I added the Text block but the padding between the title and the text is to big, so I can only see the Title Mission.

    Thank you for your help



    Can you post a link to your website please? We’ll investigate the css code and provide a custom solution.

    Best regards,



    I m working locally , so wont be possible to do that…Anyhow I fixed number 2 and 3…all I need is number 1…I made secondary menu which is above the main menu…all i need is to add background colours on both links…something like this (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -taking-the-lead/&docid=WnIsuz–3YyV-M&imgurl=,r:2,s:0,i:85&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=174&tbnw=232&start=0&ndsp=16&tx=113&ty=77 (make a difference;Donate now)…I will probably need to increase the height of the secondary menu as well…Thank you a lot for your help



    You created a menu but how are we supposed to know its structure or class names you used or anything else if you can’t provide us with a url? Please don’t paste pages of code here because that’s not going to help much. Please put up the page live , you can use a number of maintenance plugins to hide it from Google and nosy people, and set a password in the plugin to allow us to see the fronted of the website. Otherwise we can not ensure the code we give you will work.




    I m not creating a new css for the menu…I just need to add background colour on your css for the secondary menu.. Thats all!



    There are 5 headers. 3 of them have two menus.




    Hej I fixed it. Thank you anyway!


    Excellent. I inspired you to reach for the stars and you have done it ;)

    Enjoy the theme!


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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