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    Hi! I have a somewhat complex question.

    We have a simple portfolio page on which uses categories to sort through the projects.

    My client asked me if it was possible to add a secondary row of filtering, so that filter row 1 has for example your specialisation and filter row 2 geographical locations. There is a perfect example of the function on

    I tried adding new geoprahical categories as child categories on a couple of projects, but they were sorted together with their parent category, so it was hard to differentiate between them.

    – Can you see a possible solution to this problem?

    If it requires a paid job please let me know, I realize that this is not an ordinary support question.

    / Andreas


    Hey wieslander!

    Thank you for the question. Unfortunately, this is beyond the scope of support and is not a theme related issue. You might need to find a plugin or hire a freelance developer to add the feature for you. Please do visit Werkpress for further customization. If you have any further questions about the theme, we are more than happy to provide you with assistance on these inquiries.



    That’s quite alright. Thank you for your reply.

    Maybe we can leave the thread open in case I hire someone and the solution is something others could replicate?



    Sure, no problem with that. I’ll ask the rest of the support team to check this thread. Maybe they have ideas on how to accomplish this. Thank you for your understanding.



    For anyone interested, managed to tweak the site in question. I just wanted to recommend them.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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