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    I’ve tried a search at the ENFOLD demo theme with “about” as keyword. The result is this:

    • Where can I take influence on the icon in front of the search results?
    • Where does this “pencil icon” come from and where can I change it?
    • Why have some results an image in front of it?

    At my own site (currently in maintanence mode) it is the same: I only have this “pencil icon” in front of each search result in this box.

    And at this point another question:

    when I click then at “view all results”, then at the page with the total search results, there are only numbers in front of the search results:

    Is it possible to show there, for example, an own icon or an own image in the circle like in the search box (see screenshot above)?

    By the way: I use the Relevanssi plugin.




    That icon appears if that Page/Post doesn’t have a Featured Image set, otherwise the Featured Image will show instead of the icon.



    Ah I see, thanks. Is there a way to change the “pencil icon” to another one as this “pencil” and where can I do this?



    Please see Peter’s post here

    Best regards,


    great, thanks, Yigit!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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