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    Hello and thank you for this superb WP theme!
    I’d like to change texts for the Search option (magnifier) in my menu. I need to translate them. Where can I find those texts, please?
    Thank you :)


    Hey factor6!

    Please install this plugin –
    and rescan theme files and search for the strings you would like to translate. Make sure to check “non-case sensitive” and to click “generate mo file” after editing it



    Thanks. It seems this wasn’t my problem actually. I found that I need to switch the whole Enfold theme from English to my language. How can I do that, please?



    Please see –
    Also this may help –



    Thank you! That helped. I was confused by duality of WP and Enfold locale options. I added my language in WordPress settings and it works well now:

    First I had to add my language in the CodeStyling Localization plugin (Tools -> Localisation – WordPress tab – Add new language (creates .po file) – Edit – Create .MO) and then select Settings -> General in the WordPress main left menubar, scroll down to Site language and select my new language (cs_CZ in my case) previously added to CodeStyling plugin.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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