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    one can not type in the search field…
    it gives some options, but you can not type your own search query


    Hi jelle!

    You can type, but the color of the serch field is white, so it is not visible.
    Have you done any modifications to the theme?
    let me know please



    i’ve put this in quick css :
    #top #s {
    color:#666666 !important;
    1. i recogn this is the way to do it, or is there even a more direct way in basic options itself? (in one of the options , i mean)
    2. when go typing there’s displaying some possibilities below the search field. now, these possibilties are white text on light blue background, how to change this font color as well?

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    Try the following CSS code instead. The first code is for the search result possibilities that appear below and the second is to change the color for the text color in the search field:

    .header_color .ajax_search_excerpt {
        color: #ffffff;
    #top .header_color input[type='text'] {
        color: #000000;

    Best regards,


    hi jordan,
    thanks, its almost there, but some text is still white. how to change this font color as well?



    Try the following code and let me know if it helps:

    .header_color .ajax_search_title {
        color: #000000 !important;

    Best regards,

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