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    Hello I purchased this theme , maybe i am completely ignorant as a non-experienced user of wordpress, but i was under the impression that it would have an extensive list of sample pages that i could easily add and remove , and update to meet my need. I have watched several videos but i cannot see where those pages are available despite importing the theme, I was hoping to get my site up and running quickly but now realize this is not going to happen. Basic question but where are the pages that were advertised in the template ?


    Hey karlconnolly,

    You can import one demo at a time under Enfold->Demo import. If you need content from different demos, then you can activate debug mode under Enfold->Layout Builder->Show advanced options. Then let us know which pages you need the shortcodes for.

    Best regards,


    HI Rikard thanks for this, the template is imported and i see it in the WordPress interface what i don’t see if where all the pages that were imported are. i was under the impression importing a template would bring in all the sample pages as displayed on the demo and then i could use them as is, replacing the various elements, graphics, text etc easily – is that not how this works?


    When you go to the theme options Enfold Theme Options ▸ Demo Import ▸ Import demo files you should see many demos to import:
    after you import one of these those pages & posts should show in the WordPress admin menu:
    you can open any of these pages and see the Advanced Layout Builder elements:
    and then replace the various elements, graphics, text etc easily.
    Please note that some demos only have a single page because they are designed to be a one page site, if you are using one of these then you can easily duplicate the page and quickly create multiple pages to edit to suit your needs.
    Hopefully this helps.

    Best regards,

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    Thanks for the update and best of luck to you. If you should have any further questions then just let us know.

    Best regards,

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