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    I’m fairly sure (not not positive) this is a something to do with the Enfold theme as I’ve turned off Lazy Loading on Revolution Slider 6.

    The issue is that I have Revolution Slider loading at the top of the pages so should load immediately, but on mobile pages they are not loading unless I touch the screen/scroll in the slightest amount. It’s acting like Lazy Loading even though I tried with it turned off on both Revolution Slider and in the Performance tab of Enfold theme.

    Everything loads fine in the desktop version, it’s just the mobile version, can anyone help?


    Hey Paul,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    Is the slider working correctly when you remove the full width submenu element above it? Looks like the slider doesn’t initialize properly on mobile view because of the space or placeholder created by the sticky submenu.

    Best regards,



    If you look now I’ve removed it and it’s still happening.




    Just to let you know, I have also tried with the “Fullwidth easy slider” and it’s the same so I’m fairly sure the issue is not related to the Resolution Slider.



    Still waiting for a reply, but looking into this some more I’ve noticed it’s also not appearing on the desktop version either. It was only appearing when on page load when I logged in but as soon as I log out it doesn’t load on the desktop version either.

    As well as this, it’s not appearing when I scroll but when you just either touch the page on the mobile or when the mouse hovers over any part of the page.

    For example, if you refresh the page the slider doesn’t load, but as soon as you move the mouse from the browser bar to the website it loads instantly.



    Hi again,

    Okay, I’ve resolved it, it was WP-Rocket, fix here (needed to do both sections):

    I do have another question though relating to the sub-menu with the categories…

    Can you tell me how I can rename it from “Menu” in mobile mode to say “Categories”?
    Also, I would like to left-align it when in mobile mode, but keep it centred in desktop mode?
    Lastly, can I change it to switch to mobile mode at 885px rather than what it lets me set it to? (trying to maximise the proper menu until it starts wrapping to two lines at 885px wide).

    Thanks for your help.

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    Glad to know that you have managed to fix the issue with the slider. Regarding the full width submenu, please try to add this script in the functions.php file.

    // additional custom scripts
    function ava_custom_script_mod() { 
            // replace fullwidth sub menu placeholder text
    add_action('wp_footer', 'ava_custom_script_mod');

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    Best regards,

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