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    I have restored a revision to a page. Once restored, the “text” version of the layout is displayed, but the editor switches back to the WordPress “Default Editor”. If I click “Update”, the content is changed to what I want.

    Here’s the problem:

    When I click “Advanced Layout Editor”, a different version of the page appears in the Avia Layout builder that DOES NOT have the changes displayed.

    How can I fix this?

    Thank you.


    Hey Audica1,

    Sorry for the late response and thanks for giving us the admin access.
    I have checked on the page in question and clicked on the Advanced Layout Editor button and it seems to work fine on my end, what do you mean by different version of the page appears? can you post a screenshot showing the issue?

    Best regards,


    Attached is a PDF of the steps you need to take to replicate the issue:

    Step 1: Select a Revision to restore
    Step 2: Confirm that the date information in the revision is correct and restore
    Step 3: Once the revision is restored, click “Advanced Layout Editor”, and the incorrect version of the page is displayed (check the dates at the bottom)

    Why is this happening? Thanks for your support.




    Hi Audica1,

    Thanks for giving us the steps on how we can see the issue.
    I have checked it and it works as what you have described, there was no error in the console and it seems that the issue only appears on that specific page.
    I tried to replicate the same issue on my end but it works fine on my end, I have also created a test page on your site (which I have already trashed), and tested the revision and it works fine there. I’m not sure how to fix the issue on that page to be honest, but the only solution I could propose is to save it as a template, trash and delete the page totally, create a new one with the same name and use the template and save.
    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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