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    I like the Icon List module in Enfold theme and I have done one with some contact info. I have the Icon List in a 1/3 layout module and the rest of the page in a 2/3 layout module. I want this Icon List with the contact info on all pages. Can I in some way reuse one Icon List for all pages or do I have to create a new Icon List for each page?

    I tried to use the Widget Area module and then create a custom widget, but I soon discovered that there was no way to get access to the modules like the Icon List to put inside the widget. Or is this possible in some way?

    It would be nice if the user could save and give a unique id or something to the modules in the layout builder and then reuse them on another page!?

    Finally, I just wonder why there isn’t any social share buttons to link to common social media like Facebook, Twitter or share by e-mail. I can only find icons that links to someones own Facebooks or Twitter page!?

    Looking forward to an answer!



    Hey Effektid!

    You can save templates you have created using Avia Layout Builder and load them on other pages
    You can also enable debugging mode to see shortcodes created in Avia Layout Builder. Please see –
    Also, please update Enfold to the latest version –
    Sharing options was added as you can see here –

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    Thanks for the replay!

    Saving templates are nice, but what if I change a Icon List on one page, will then the content in the other Icon Lists on the other pages be updated? The possibility to create smart templates of single modules would be really nice in forthcoming updates of Enfold.

    Is there a way to create widgets with the Avia Page Builder and use the Widget Area module?

    I guess I must have the latest version of Enfold since I bought it just a week ago, but I still can’t find the share buttons for social media? Where are they? Or could they only be used in blogs? I want them om static pages.

    EDIT: I found the share buttons, but as I suspected, they can only be used on blog pages. It’s importent to also be able to share content on static pages which is important from a SEO perspective. Is there a way to add the share buttons on a static pages?

    For forthcoming updates it would be nice with some kind of pop-up message to confirm if you want to delete a module.


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    Please refer to Peter’s post here –
    Yes, you can create widget areas in Appearance > Widgets and using Widget Area element on Avia Layout Builder, you can display it on anywhere on your page.



    Give this one a try, it works like a charm!!! Should be part of Enfold Core…



    @marc Bijl, Thanks for sharing :)

    Best regards,

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