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    The Enfold theme is stated ‘retina ready’.
    What does this mean technically?
    Lets say we use an image 100×100 pixels and we upload the original at 200 x 200 pixels. Is the image then displayed in retina quality on (only)retina displays?

    Love to hear from you.


    Hi hotspot!

    Basically it just means it displays nicely on high resolution devices. You can upload a large logo and it’s size will be truncated to display in your header area so even on high resolution devices the logo image will stay sharp.

    As for the example your talking about yes the image will display sharper on high resolution screens.

    Best regards,


    An extra question arises.
    Are the images optimized per screen size / mobiel device?

    Lets say we have a 2000px wide website and use a 2000px image.
    What if we open the website on a 400px mobile device, will an other version (smaller filezise) of the image be loaded. This to have a ‘fast’ version of the website to be displayed on mobile devices?

    Love to hear from you.



    For the logo no, but for pretty much every other image yes, thumbnails will be used.

    Best regards,


    Hi Elliott,

    We did some testing and it seems that only the big version of the images is loaded. Resulting in the mobile version (small responsive screensize) of the website being very slow.
    The website on 1980px loads the orignal inserted image being 1980px.
    When we load the website on 480px still the orginal image being 1980px is loaded.

    How can we have a smaller version of the images being loaded on the smaller (mobile device) screensizes?



    You can display a smaller version of the slider on mobile device using media queries or remove it using javascript, unfortunately, it’s not possible to automatically switch image thumbnails when viewing on mobile devices. There are third party scripts out there that can do it, for example, but it’s not integrated in the theme yet.



    Hey Ismael,

    Unfortunately the adaptiveimages is not working. any other suggestion how to achieve this?



    Like I said, it’s not integrated in the theme. It will require major modification, one that we can’t provide here. Please try the css media query solution. Refer to the links above.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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