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    I’m experiencing exactly the same. No matter what i do i can ‘t get or Sharp.for example: http://www.factorhorsten.nl. please help me out.


    Hey I just checked out your site and the logo looks very sharp on my MacBook pro here.


    Hi Metrocitygirl,

    Not on my Macbook pro, using chrome :-( . So I hope some one can help me out.


    ah wait, i cleaned up my browsercache and now it’s sharp



    It’s still strange that on another website I can’t fix the same issue. http://www.margriethilde.nl.


    I figured out that the problem is in the using of a macbook pro with retina. Is Enfold updating the theme with settings for a retina logo?


    again on your other site it looks crisp as well and I checked it on chrome. I am hoping one of the support people will get back to me regarding my issue. I have to get this resolved by tomorrow am.


    Try scale times 4. It worked for me.


    i don’t know exactly those plugins but sometimes they will work only if a jpg / png is placed in the theme settings. f.e. if your logo is set to abc.jpg in Enfold dialog – those settings will replace it if there is a jpg called (Email address hidden if logged out) .

    so your work will be to have an jpg and another one with 4times (double width and heights) resolution and fit in that nomenclatura.
    Don’t know if the plugin will make it for you f.e. uploading an image with 4times resolution – name it with (Email address hidden if logged out) and create a xyz.jpg .

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    Kriesi has created the images to be doubled with exist.
    Something might be missing here regarding the logo, altuough I do see that there is an option to get the @2 image

    Best regards,


    I am confused what is missing? I am uploading it in png format double the size.



    Theres a workaround thats using some custom CSS code and the retina display queries here: https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/retina-display-media-query/

    The code is: display none in the actual logo and a background image on each media query.

    Best regards,
    John Torvik


    Sorry I am just now getting a chance to troubleshoot this. So I entered this css code:

    (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2),
    (min-resolution: 192dpi) {
    /* Retina-specific stuff here */

    that I found in that article you sent me and I also re-uploaded the logo at 192dpi and it doesn’t look crisp to me. Ahhhhh! So frustrating!


    Is anyone there to help me?


    Hi metrocitygirl,
    Just send me you logo in .eps/.ai and I wil deliver you some usable materiaal (i hope ;-)). It will be after the weekend i thonon. And can you provide me the URL on which it willy be places.

    Cheers Pim
    P (Email address hidden if logged out)


    tried to email you pim but the email didn’t go through.



    The rendered size of the logo image is 195x78px so uploading an image twice that size (390x156px) should work on retina display. The logo is actually blurred, at least the text, on non-retina devices so I won’t expect too much on actual retina display.

    Best regards,


    Yes that’s roughly what I’m uploading it at. Hmmmm maybe it’s just my computer?


    ahhh I figured it out. I was doing save for web on photoshop. I set my dpi to 190 but apparently I have to always do save as, jpeg and then I save at the highest quality. Thanks! You can close this topic now!

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