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    I have an older version of your theme (3.0) running on the latest WordPress with freshly updated plugins.

    The theme is highly customized with both a child theme and, unfortunately, some changes to the core theme.

    The only thing that wasn’t working was the background videos. At some point around WordPress 3.9 or 4.0 this broke.

    I went ahead and downloaded and installed the latest version of the theme (3.4.7) when this was brought to my attention but it knocked out a lot of my customizations, so I was forced to roll back to my earlier version of the theme (3.0)

    Is there any way I can upload JUST the files that restore the background video functionality without killing the rest of my customizations?

    I realize this is a very specialized instance but would appreciate some support as many of the customizations were done by another developer and it would be very difficult to track down each and every change made to the core theme that the client has come to rely on.

    Let me know if you need additional information or login credentials to answer this.


    Please help.

    I see other threads where you have provided support for outdated versions of the theme. I just need the very specific updates that effect the background video player. I believe I have several months of support left on my purchase.

    I’ve added the login info. Can you please take a look at this.

    The customization that has been done effects the portfolio pages and related videos as well as the top contact menu. This stuff disappears with a full update.


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    Forget it. I figured it out.

    For anyone else who comes across this issue I found updating the avia.js file inside of the js/ directory restored the video background functionality without effecting the rest of my site. Simple fix though different to track down.

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